Bui Power, Armed Forces partner to enhance security at Bui Generating Station


Bui Power Authority (BPA) and the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) have collaborated to build a Forward Operating Base (FOB) at the Bui Generating Station (BGS) – to among others provide security for national assets on the Bui Hydroelectric Project acquired land of about 1,800 square kilometres.

When completed, the FOB facility will accommodate about 150 All Ranks, an administration block, a clinic, a square, an armoury, a recreational centre, a magazine, and a bunker among others. Its strategic location will also serve the military as a base to conduct operations that provide security and repel threats from neigbouring countries bordering Ghana.

At a brief sod-cutting ceremony to commence work at Bui, Chief Executive Officer of BPA, Fred Oware, explained that government’s investment within the BPA acquired land makes it necessary that steps be taken to secure the area, especially ahead of developing the Bui City concept.

The Bui City concept, which was developed 13 years ago, envisages using portions of the acquired land for an industrial and tourism hotspot, agriculture and agro-processing, theme parks, estate development, fisheries and solar projects, among others.

Mr. Oware appealed for communities to extend the same peaceful courtesies and coexistence that the authority has enjoyed over the years to the military; and assured them that the military’s presence will only strengthen peace and security within the area.

On his part, Chief of Defence Staff, Vice-Admiral Seth Amoama, stated that the army could not leave the nation’s strategic installations exposed to the threat of international terrorism. He said that this is an expanded security operation by the GAF within the Bui enclave, since there is already a limited deployment in the area at Dokokyina and Bui.

He also appealed for the communities to cooperate with the military as security is a shared responsibility, urging corporate institutions to emulate BPA’s example of supporting the military with operational and logistics requirements to perform its security function better.

The Chief of Army Staff, Major General Thomas Oppong Peprah, indicated that the project should take about six months to complete, and the deployment of men will follow immediately. He recounted that the FOB was the result of a year-long discussion with the BPA, and applauded BPA’s commitment to security in the enclave.

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