Corporate Poet: Watch your words


Be very careful of what you say

The very words you speak today

Can later be a debt you have to pay

With words, be serious and don’t play

For it can take your blessings away


Your thoughts are expressed by words

They can push someone downwards

And they can lift someone upwards

They express emotions and feeling

They can make people to start laughing

And can also bring tears and weeping


Words are like a magnifying glass

They makes your intentions big and clear

And can bring courage or create fear

They can cost you something so dear

Don’t talk too much!


A Word is like a sharp knife

It is used to cook delicious meals

It can also be used to hurt and kill

Choose your words carefully!


The earth rotates on its own axis

And moves around the mighty sun

So are the words that are spoken

They go around and come back again

Be careful who you talk to!


Your words are a medicine

They can heal body, spirit and soul

Bringing peace to the mind and heart

Talk wisely!


Your words are a glue

They can keep families together in unity

And people in the spirit of togetherness

Watch your words!

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