Atakora & Attakora on Sale of Goods launched


Atakora & Attakora, a book which discusses extensively the subject of Sale of Goods under commercial law entailing a detailed discussion on the Sale of Goods Act, 1962, Act 137, the United Nations Convention on contracts for the International Sale of Goods 1980, The International Chamber of Commerce Incoterms, 2020 and the impact of Electronic commerce on the Sale of Goods, has been launched in Accra.

The launch of the book, which is the first of its  kind in Africa, was graced by the presence of imminent persons such as Prof Kenneth Agyemang Attafuah who is the former and founding Dean of the Faculty of Law of the Central University who was also the chairperson of the event, Dr. Josiah De Graft Quansah, the current Dean of the Faculty of Law at the Central University, lecturers from several schools of law including the University of Ghana School of Law, the University of Professional Studies Accra among others.

The chairperson particularly congratulated the authors, Jude Atakora Tufuor who is a lecturer with the faculty of Law, Central University and Kweku Attakora Dwomoh who is also a lecturer with the University of Professional Studies, Accra for the hard work, industry and acumen in bringing out such a novel book.

He noted that the book has been long in coming especially since there has been no Ghanaian book on the subject thus creating a void and complexity in the learning of the course.

Also, the chairperson congratulated the authors for taking the lead in the field of writing in the commercial law space. He encouraged other academics to take on the task of writing to enrich the legal jurisprudence in the country.

Of particular importance and highlight of the event was the discussion of the book with a focus on ‘The Impact Of Electronic Commerce On The Sale Of Goods Act.’

It was noted that today, online trading and purchases have become the order of the day nonetheless, there exist no clear rules on the extent to which a purchase on line can be afforded rights and protection under the sale of goods act. Can a purchaser obtain and benefit from the sacred rights under the sale of Goods Act? The answers to these and more can be found in the book.


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