#Kwahuandproud: Kwahu Bepong – a banana and coffee growing community


Bepong was founded on the hunting grounds (Ahofo) of the King of Kwaafo). The name, derived from “a-b)-p)n”, indicated that big game was hunted there. The site was a compensation by the King of Kwaafo) to three passing clans who helped him in his wars with Abene (Ankaase Wars). These clans became the ruling houses by rotation.

Bepong has played the “Prussian” in Kwahu affairs, so far as valor in concerned, just as did the Prussian in the German affairs. In more than three instances, people who disturbed the peace of the District were cut to size, whenever they extended their activities to Bepong.

Hence, Kwaafo) is the capital town of present day Bepong.  Bepong is noted for its hard work and strength. Their major occupation has been farming. They are major contributors to Ghana’s food basket. They are noted for two main farm products namely Banana and Coffee.


Nana Appeadu Kokora, a former chief of Bepong advised the habitants to cultivate banana for commercial purpose, and since then, it has become the main commercial crop in the town. There are two main species grown: “ODOOTWO” the foreign type and “ KWADU PA” the local one.

On a day, averagely, about 15 truckloads of banana are sent to Accra and this serves as the main employment avenue for both the youth and the aged.

Benefits of banana

  • Bananas contain Vit B6 which help moderate blood sugar level.
  • Bananas are high in soluble fibre which helps stop constipation and helps to restore and maintain regular bowel function.
  • It contains high amounts of potassium which helps the circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain, thereby helping to maintain regular heartbeat and proper water balance in the body.
  • Banana’s supply the body with carbohydrates that replace lost glycogen (muscle sugar)
  • Bananas are rich in iron which may help prevent anaemia.


Coffee plantation in Bepong was established in 1978 by Cocoa Marketing Board. One thousand one hundred and ninety (1190) acres was cultivated.

After 1992 re-deployment exercise, the coffee plantation was abandoned in the bush. Later in 2003, one Spanish investor named Fernando Portella Portella came in to re-establish it. The Spanish investor also left and handed over to Ghalia Ghana Ltd of which Dr Dickson Boateng was the first Managing Director and Seidu Ansomana is the farm manager till date.

Two main species of coffee namely, Robusta coffee and Arabical coffee were cultivated. Currently, Robusta dominates and is the best coffee. Bepong is currently the leading producer of Robusta coffee in Ghana.

Uses of coffee

  • The popular coffee beverage is prepared from roasted coffee beans.
  • Caffeine extracted from coffee is used in preparing energy drinks.
  • Extracts from roasted coffee beans are used for flavoring in the confectionary industry.
  • Studies have shown that coffee stimulates the nervous system and helps in alertness of the mind.
  • Coffee is a potent source of antioxidants for many people.
  • Essential oils present in coffee can also be used in the cosmetic industry.
  • Tannin from the pulp is used to tan leather.
  • The dried coffee hush can be used as mulch or organic fertilizer.
  • Coppiced coffee trees are an important source of fuel.
Daniel OPOKU

>>>The writer is a native of Kwahu Bepong. He can be reached via mail on [email protected]

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