This is Leadership: Confluence in Leadership Decisions

This is Leadership: Leader reflections

If followers within an organization do not trust each other, reports submitted to leaders by followers on their colleagues for leadership decisions can never be trusted…..

Everything happens in the pot (Gordon 2010). Just as the happenings on the one long road (Ahenkorah 2018), leaders make decisions on the go. There is always a meeting point that defines where leader decisions emanate from and subsequently, where they sit.

The compartment that keeps the binary echelons of leadership thinking that motivates leaders to say YES or NO, reflects from an impulsive point that radiates knowledge gathered from various angles as part of stakeholder management within the leadership interactional framework.

The splendor in making decisions as a leader is to press the ‘yes’ or the ‘no’ button. To this end, you and I know that there is no simple YES and thus there is no simple NO. Where do decisions go and where do they come from? What really inspire leadership decisions? My favourite question rather will be, how do leaders piece decisions together? If followers within an organization do not trust each other, reports submitted to leaders by followers on their colleagues for leadership decisions can never be trusted.

If an information is deemed not to be authentic, decisions made out of that information will be flawed and absolutely blemished. This strikingly feeds into the GI-GO assertion. So this is it. If leaders make decisions obtained from an untrusted source, they will make decisions like toddlers. Now come with me and let’s do the Tango.

Remember to step-step-step and close. You know, toddlers are very well celebrated for their ‘wanting everything and doing everything’ approach to things in particular and in life in general. Interestingly, we’ve all been there and we perhaps forget how we lived because we are adults now.

It takes a lot of self- regulation and considerable amount of self-control to get a toddler to choose one or two toys from many. But when you limit their choices they become decisive with precision in their decisions. Confluence in leadership decisions open all the touch points to good decision making process.

21st century Leaders must be level-headed with adequate expert knowledge to command their ‘territories’. The decision tree may guide you to the yes answers before you arrive at your final decision. On the other hand, confluence in leadership decision-making converges various thinking sources or a decision pool, if you like, that allows leaders to draw knowledge and inspiration from.

Leaders are required to think on their feet and be quick to lead. Quick leader actions and reactions are crucial to any decision made on any situation any day. No two situations are the same. Leaders who are quick on their feet, master the art of building capacity in problem-solving analysis. This is the thing, such leaders are quick to provide answers because they develop decision pools which allow for confluence of thinking sources. Listening is an amazing leadership tool.

Understanding the leader-member-exchange model and applying it in its right proportions disproportionately according to each situation, separates a good leader from an average one. You may not find a safety net in leadership, which is why good leaders create one.  Open up your decision sources and understand your space.

This is Leadership!

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