The Corporate Poet: My Customer My Partner


There he comes in a beautiful attire

I am always ready with a smile he will admire

His good eyes contact will I require

And a lovely handshake will then transpire

I will give a great welcome that he will desire

As my customer’s delight I try to inspire

When I greet my precious customer


Do not pass by me, my customer

You are the reason for my existence

The essence of my presence

You are the ground on which I stand

With respect and care will I hold you

As one gently holds an egg


Wonderful products we have in store

A timely service for you to adore

Great innovation’s never seen before

Carefully crafted to meet your need

Skillfully made to satisfy your emotions

And make your life better than before

Your overall experience will be success

My customer, my passion


Excellence beyond imagination

Perfection beyond expectation

In a world of great competition

These are my tireless efforts

To meet and wow my customer

As his loyalty is my goal


If the transaction becomes tough

And things should become rough

My patience will still be enough

I will help you out of your plight

In your darkness I will be your light

Without any stress and much effort

I have products to bring you comfort

In the end we all celebrate the joy

And call our meeting a great success

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