EANP Consult, Certitright sign partnership for business dev’t


EANP Consults and Certitright have partnered to support individuals with entrepreneurial ideas, and early stage small, medium enterprises, SMEs, and nonprofit organizations with strategic and communications planning, project and program management, and business registration and accounting services.

EANP Consults is a one-year-old consulting business specializing in strategic and communications planning for entrepreneurs and nonprofit professionals. EANP Consults is the brainchild of Elizabeth Patterson, who holds a master’s in public administration with specialization in nonprofit policy and management.

Additional to her professional experience in project management and programs development, Ms. Patterson also has educational background in Business Management. She currently supports in managing LizGat Co.Ltd.

Certitright is founded by Juliet Ahiagbede. Certitright is a virtual accounting consult with the mission to support clients access Business Advisory, Tax Consultancy, and education on Ghana’s business regulatory environment to support businesses to thrive.

Ms. Ahiagbede is a chartered Accountant by Profession, Chartered Tax Consultant and currently pursuing a master’s in petroleum accounting and Finance. Certitright’s founder is a first-generation entrepreneur with a vision of creating a personal brand as a young woman in the virtual accounting space.

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