Olympus has fallen


Olympus has fallen is an action, thriller movie starred by Gerrard Butler and Morgan Freeman.

The movie depicts a North Korean led guerrilla attack on the white house and an American agent to rescue the white house.

The North Korean managed to gently and unseemly mingled with the white house core staff in order to disrupt and topple the United States of America presidency.

The point of this is that unlike the movie where it managed to deal with the North Korea led guerrilla even though it was through tough battle, the Olympus Camera firm couldn’t deal with its guerrilla version in the form of smart phones imbedded with digital cameras.

Olympus, a camera business firm has fallen after 84 years in existence.

The Japanese firm says despite its best effort in the digital camera business, it is no longer profitable due to the arrival of the smart phones.

Now every smart phone that is being manufactured has got a camera inserted within it.

These smart phones with cameras inserted within them are cheaper compared to buying an Olympus camera.

What is currently shifting the new model of businesses has to do with a term called Disruptions

And these Disruptions doesn’t need anyone’s authority to occur.

Once the underlining factors that causes disruptions are being deployed by any type of business it will definitely have an impact.

The underlining factors are cheap, better and faster to simplify it.

Olympus has fallen because the smart phones with cameras are cheaper.

Olympus has fallen because the smart phones are deploying convenient services in the form of instant communications as well as faster access to the digital business platform being rendered.

Olympus has fallen because it failed to cannibalize itself. Think about it

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