The NICHE story: Ghana’s nod to value addition


The story of NICHE began in 2007. It was inspired by Edmund Poku, our founder, who completed an MBA business project on cocoa processing in Ghana and ended up with a deep desire to positively impact the cocoa industry. His initial business was called Commodities Processing Industry Limited (CPI) and was focused purely on the processing of cocoa beans into cocoa liquor for the International market with an annual processing capacity of 8000MT.

Roll forward into 2011, the business had gone through a few transitions and eventually emerged as a new entity called NICHE COCOA INDUSTRY LIMITED with the same focus of processing beans into liquor for the international market. The business then moved into the production of cocoa butter and cake for the international market, adding more value to cocoa.

In 2017 NICHE CONFECTIONERY LIMITED was born as a subsidiary of NICHE COCOA LIMITED with the aim of further adding value to Ghanaian cocoa through the production of cocoa based products for consumption in both the local and international market.

Today NICHE COCOA INDUSTRY LIMITED is a leader in the local cocoa industry with an annual processing capacity of 90,000MT and a range of chocolates that it sells in both the local and international market.

What are we passionate about?

Over the years, NICHE has been committed to adding value to Ghana’s cocoa beans and to producing high quality cocoa products for both local and International markets.

To us, creating opportunities within our society and the country while ensuring that the lives of our cocoa farmers are impacted positively is paramount. We are committed to this dream and we will continue to work tirelessly to make our company, our people and our country great through what we do.

What inspires us?

We are inspired by the possibilities for growth and creativity…

We are also inspired by the many farmers who tirelessly toil to produce the precious cocoa beans. We see ourselves as a conduit of their hard work. Our task is to respectfully and carefully extract the best out of the bean and see to it that it reaches the consumer or manufacturer with the best quality and the best taste delivery possible.

It is the best respect and appreciation we can show our had working farmers.

The future of the Ghanaian cocoa industry is not limited to the production of cocoa beans as a commodity but by our ability to add value, create value, be innovative, and impact the Ghanaian economy through production of quality cocoa products.

As a company, we recognize the potential to craft and curate a brand that is fully representative of our origin, heritage and pays homage to those involved in producing our cocoa beans. Hence our pay off line “Taste of Ghana

What’s our quality promise?

We are committed to consistently producing and delivering quality and safe food to our customers while also ensuring compliance with all relevant statutory & regulatory requirements. We achieve this by continually improving our integrated Quality and Food Safety Management System.

We have the following accreditations to back up our quality promise. Food and Drugs Authority (Ghana)/Ghana Standards Authority, FSSC 22000, ISO 2000, Organic, Kosher, Halal, UTZ and Fairtrade.

Where are we headed?

We truly believe that Ghana produces some of the best cocoa in the world. Ours is a mission to introduce and grow this great taste both locally and internationally. To this end we have a range of chocolates made to suit every taste and health palate.

Explore our offering and enjoy the Taste of Ghana

  • We have a dark chocolate range, for those who want to reward themselves with extra cocoa goodness. It comes in two types 56% for the dark chocolate Novice and 72% for those who know.
  • We have a Milk chocolate range with 10 flavours namely Milk, Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Honey, Coffee, Coconut, Ginger, Lime and Orange.

You can enjoy our chocolates anywhere, anytime and if you don’t want to eat too much, we have you covered with our bite sized chocolates. If rewarding somebody else with an awesome gift is your thing, then our pouches have been known to hit the mark. If you haven’t tasted it, its time you got a yourself NICHE chocolates to enjoy the Taste of Ghana.

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