MPS providing connectivity for an independent thriving economy


The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) presents a unique opportunity for Ghana to lead the nation’s quest for economic transformation. With an edifice such as the MPS Terminal 3, this can be achieved.

Since the commencement of operations in 2007, MPS has exhibited strong advocacy for transformation of the maritime service delivery landscape.

Using world standard approaches with the employment of highly advanced technology, MPS has demonstrated and set the pace in providing efficiency in its services through innovation.

The effective synchronisation of the different pieces has led to Tema Port receiving worldwide acclaim and being chosen by Shipping Lines as a first port of call for its liner services. This efficiency has significantly reduced trade costs and improved waiting times within the delivery process.

Building on this success, MPS has for the last few years set to make the Tema Port a regional hub for transshipment. This   mission is reflected in the successful construction of the MPS Terminal 3 fitted with the most sophisticated equipment and integrated with high performing technology creating a seamless flow of cargo import and export.

Creating connectivity is at the heart of what MPS does, as the shipping industry transforms and shipping lines increasingly look for cost effective ways of conducting business, it behooves on nations, such as Ghana who have many things to their advantage to utilize it for the needed economic transformation, then can we be on the path towards a truly independent economy.

Maritime transport connectivity is an important determinant of trade costs. Improved liner shipping connectivity contributes significantly to reducing trade costs and promotes growth in trade volumes. The African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) with its inherent benefits will be realized when the MPS Terminal 3 is put to maximum utilization by all stakeholders concerned.

MPS will continue to complement Government’s efforts towards economic independence by investing in worthwhile infrastructure and superstructure to boost maritime trade.

On behalf of the Shareholders, Management and Staff of MPS, Happy 64TH Independence Anniversary Celebration to Ghana.

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