Poetry Corner: Vaccine nations 

Poetry Corner

At the behest of a virus

A vaccine suffered a sudden summons

Summoned to arrest a ravaging virus

Damn its rude interruption


As a virus journeyed from Mainland Wuhan

Through the land of the Notre Dame

To the Spaniards and their Catalan

Into Uncle Sam’s English Queensland

Into the Madiba Mandela Coloured Land

Into the dreamlands

…of New York City, and Washington DC

So a vaccine laboured in the laboratories

From the Kremlin to the Knesset

From the Bundestag to the Senate

From the tiny Archipelago to the lengthy Indian Ocean


As a virus hurried on a global trot

To allot each a slot of the viral waves

To wave from a first to a second slot

To strain from an old to a new variant

So a vaccine rallied for a global shot


As a virus knocked

But waited not for permission

As a virus entered

And announced its influen(za)tial mission

As a virus settled

Strengthening its murderous vision

As a virus mutated

And promoted many editions

So a vaccine crashed in before admission

So a vaccine cashed in amidst a desperation


As a people dressed in protocols to avert a pandemic

As some danced to a rhythm of indifference

As some sang to a tune of complacency

As some ran a marathon of miles away from reality

So a people addressed a vaccine in its real colouring

“May this be the one to render a generation sterile

May this be the one to implant a nano track

May this be the one to wipe off everything black”


As a virus created fear in panic in a Plandemic

To cause an elite bearer to elect to light the torch

To pull in many

…pulling away for fear of the tragic

To pause to decipher who among them was more pathetic

…even to deserve an early shot

So a vaccine caused headaches and sleepless days in panic


As nations ran helter skelter

To patent an invented vaccine

To send away a virus from their nations

So a nation lamented

Inventing to run over each other

To embrace a vaccine invented by fellow nations

With much adulation


May this not only be called a mental Pandemic

May this simply be called Pathetic


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