Denmark wishes Ghana a happy Independence Day

Tom Nørring, Ambassador of Denmark to Ghana

We at the Danish Embassy in Accra extend our best wishes to the government and the people of Ghana. We sincerely appreciate the close relationship we have had with Ghana since independence, and it is with great pride that we this year celebrate the 60-year anniversary of our diplomatic relations.

Our partnership has been transformed over the past years, keeping in step with Ghana’s development and movement towards a future beyond aid. This is an exciting time in our relationship as we, based on the shared values of peace, democracy and human rights, together explore avenues for increased commercial collaboration and trade, as well as new partnership approaches with all levels of government and civil society.

On this Independence Day, Ghana, like the rest of the world, is still battling Covid-19. Celebrations will definitely be different to previous years, but please know that you are not alone. We stand by the Government of Ghana’s continuous efforts to halt the spread of the virus.

To reinforce prevention, Denmark, together with UNICEF, recently launched USD5,6 million of support to improve water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure in highly affected urban areas.

Improving water delivery and wastewater management in urban areas is central to our collaboration, exemplified by an extensive presence of Danish water companies in Ghana and a strong city-to-city collaboration between Aarhus and Tema Municipalities.

The Embassy of Denmark looks forward to building on our strong partnership with Ghana in the coming years. The establishment of the headquarters of the African Continental Free Trade Area in Accra highlights the important role Ghana will continue to play as a regional engine for growth, and we stand ready to continue to facilitate commercial partnerships that can contribute to a prosperous and sustainable Ghana for all.

Congratulations on your Independence Day!

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