Sara the Dressmaker makes history with The Bridal Journey!


…Designs a ball gown with 2000 yards of horsehair

Sara the Dressmaker, a fashion design house specialized in couture, has introduced its 2021 collection in a campaign dubbed The Bridal Journey. The collection showcases the bride’s choice of dresses for each stage of wedding process. It shows the traditional dress, the bridal robe, the mother’s dress and the ball gown.

The designer calls the ball gown, one-piece Corset Batavia Lettuce Ball Gown. It took 35 days of hardwork, 2000 yards of horsehair, 165 bridal organdy, 48 yards of bridal Satin to finish the gown.

According to the Creative Director, Sarah Abbey, her inspiration came from the beauty of nature. Sarah maintains that God is the best designer. She got the idea from the leafy plant lettuce, the sea waves and the peacock. The ivory ball gown has the nature of the lettuce and ball nature of the gown is similar to a peacock when it spreads its wind.

The Bridal Journey features Miss Malaika 2019 Phylis Vesta Boison as the bride and Akumaa mama Zimbi (AMZ) as the mother of the bride. Sara the Dressmaker continues to dazzle its followers with contemporary and traditional designs. Bridal Journey is expected to be a quarterly event in Ghana.

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