New beginnings with Tratafric Motors:…Going up and over with the Ford Everest


As Ghanaians show resilience and determination to make the most of 2021, and as we are about to celebrate yet a quiet independence this year, it’s fair to say that new year celebrations and resolutions across the country were uncharacteristically subdued with many Ghanaians and Africans heeding the president’s advice to if possible, stay or work from home, self-distance and light a candle in remembrance of those who have lost the battle to COVID-19.

Despite facing the new year with familiar challenges caused by the pandemic’s second wave, Ghanaians are entering 2021 more prepared and determined than they were in a moment like this last year.

However, this time of reflection is also an opportunity to look ahead and plan for new beginnings.

Whether your new beginning is to get healthier, spend more time with the family or explore our beautiful country and its many hidden wonders, having the right vehicle can help make these possible. The Tractafric Motors Corporations’ Ford Everest isn’t just a versatile 7-seater sport utility vehicle (SUV) that can go anywhere in absolute comfort, it also serves as a possible reminder to conquer that personal Mt Everest that stands between you and realising your goals for the year ahead.

Ghanaians and Africans as well are more motivated than ever to live each day to the fullest, to the extent that the current situation allows irrespective of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The Ford Everest is a trusted companion to help you conquer new obstacles that lie on the road ahead. This is how the Ford Everest can help with these new beginnings.

Lead an active, healthy life

While beaches and certain activities may be restricted at present, many activities like swimming and mountain biking are permitted and if the correct protocols are followed provide a healthy alternative to being indoors.

Underneath the Everest’s modern SUV body style is a #BuiltFordTough drivetrain, which depending on variant, is available in either 4×2 or 4×4. Thanks to impressive ground clearance, large diameter wheels and short overhangs and diff lock, even the 4×2 Everest can go off the beaten track with absolute control and confidence. Everest’s fitted with 4×4 systems can rely on superior traction thanks to diff lock, low range, hill descent control and a terrain management system with different drive modes to go that extra bit further.

Spend time with the family

With a third row of seats that can be folded flat into the boot floor when not required, the Everest offers comfortable and safe seating for up to seven occupants and easily accommodates up to five child seats, so even large families will find space in the Everest. This makes it ideal for a drive in a game park with just the family.

Support local

There has long been a call to support local business and never has that need been greater. Local businesses and companies not only contribute to the overall economy but create jobs and conduct valuable work in local communities. By supporting local business, Tractafric Motors support each other and ensure a better future for many African automobile users.

Ford is proud to assemble the Ford Ranger and Everest at its Silverton plant in Pretoria and its advanced diesel engines at the award-winning Struandale engine plant in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Start a side hustle

Economic pressure caused by COVID has provided greater necessity for establishing a side hustle business. The Everest can effortlessly blend normal life routine with business activity thanks to its exceptionally large cabin that can be turned into a practical loading space by folding down the second and third row of seats for a total of 2010 litres. All your business-related valuables can easily be locked away and protected from the elements. In addition, the Everest’s exceptional towing capacity along with Trailer Sway Control, on some variants, means that you don’t need to worry when your business outgrows the Everest’s cabin space.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly made many reconsiders what is truly valuable in life and these lessons give us reason to be positive about embarking on new beginnings and achieving our own Everest!” says Dale Reid, Product Marketing manager at Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa.

Tractafric Motors

Tractafric Motors Ghana is Ford official representative and Ghana is a key market for both Ford and Tractafric Motors in West Africa. Tractafric offers a wide range of Ford vehicles, which will undoubtedly meet your specific needs. Tractafric deals in sales and maintenance assistance.

Tractafric Motors and Ford have partnered, together, for almost a decade. Both companies began working together in 2010, establishing an entirely new business in Ivory Coast, before expanding to Cameroon, and then the Democratic Republic of Congo. With the expansion of the partnership in Ghana, Ford’s trusted presence in sub-Saharan Africa via Tractafric Motors encompass four countries.

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