Truehive, new startup set to create more tech jobs


Truehive, a technology platform that allows professional freelancers to post their services, plans to revolutionise the human resources sector by creating more tech jobs.

The platform – – was launched in April 2020 by Ghana-based tech guru Emmanuel Mawuena alongside Canada-based African entertainment executive Kofi Asare, as a tool to attract more brands and businesses across the globe to hire Africa-based independent workforces, since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced more business to start operating online.

Since launching, Truehive currently has over 500 professional freelancers registered on its platform with an average of 100 monthly posted projects.

“Africa is home to over 1.3 billion people, with over 400 million having access to mobile data out of the almost 900 million active SIM cards. These are some very impressive numbers, and considering the average salary across the continent compared to other markets, Africa has the tools, resources and numbers to become a serious competitor in the remote service and e-commerce markets – with the capacity to compete with key players like India and probably China,” Mr. Asare said.

Truehive is designed to change the job market portals and give freelancers an equal opportunity to engage the job market and break the monopoly of big HR service job placement. This allows freelancers to receive jobs and work in their comfort zone, and achieve maximum results for their service.

Projects that are interested in freelancers can create accounts, post their project and details and freelancers will be notified instantly, and the projects will start receiving bid offers.

“Once you select a bid offer, the work begins with in-app messaging capabilities allowing you to keep in constant contact with your freelancer. Once your work is complete and approved, we will then initiate the process for funds to be released to the freelancer; and during this time your final project will be delivered/released.

“We also encourage more skilled web developers and graphic designers to also visit the platform and create an account to work as a freelancer. We are open to partnering with more corporate and government organisations to create more jobs for skilled techies and designers in Ghana and across Africa,” Mr. Asare added.

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