#OutstandingBrands2021: DreamOval – enhancing Africa’s digital financial infrastructure


DreamOval’s journey was started 14 years ago by Ashesi students who were passionate about financial technology and driven by the idea that they could transform the Ghanaian payment ecosystem. Today, DreamOval is a top financial technology company active in four African countries and led by Claud Kweku Hutchful, one of its original co-founders.

At DreamOval we believe that the growth of the African middle class is driven by several factors, including access to education, security and financial empowerment. We believe that supporting the growth of Ghana’s middle class we will contribute to the development the country and will have a positive impact on the larger Sub-Saharan region.

We are enhancing the digital financial infrastructure for banks and financial institutions to grow and develop their customer base in Africa. Our system, Billbox, brings flexibility and value to merchants and their customers. Billbox works as a payment hub that can collect payments for goods and services from all channels -Visa/Mastercard, mobile money and offline collection points including mobile POS.

Our system simplifies how Financial Institutions acquire merchants, aggregate payment providers and receive remittances from Money Transfer Organisations. These financial technologies are extremely important in limiting the spread of the Covid-19.

Billbox processes over US$1 billion worth of digital transactions per year through partner banks. We are currently enhancing the systems of more than 16 commercial banks across Africa leading to higher customers merchants deposits and increased customer use of banks digital platforms. We enable customers to define their financial journey based on the channels or services they are most comfortable with while providing increased security for our partners.

DreamOval supports banks to facilitate their transformation strategy by digitizing traditional banking activities that were previously available in a banking hall, leading to better access to services for customers. DreamOval has a branch in Cote d’Ivoire, and is continuing an African expansion while promoting Ghana’s digital transformation.

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