#OutstandingBrands2021: Dominion Television: where Christianity meets creativity

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Founder & President with Rosa Whitaker, Vice President and CEO of Dominion Television

Since its establishment in 2017, Dominion TV has maintained its objective of being the number one Christian channel in Ghana and across 48 sub-Saharan African countries with 24/7 content on the Gospel of Jesus Christ through arts, music, culture, featured films and talk shows.

Pioneered by one of Africa’s power couples, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and his wife Rosa Whitaker, the concept of Dominion TV was a combined effort of their gifts and ambitions to pioneer an entirely new African media genre – Christian lifestyle.

Now marking one year since Dominion TV’s landmark arrival onto the DStv satellite platform, the network was recently given an even stronger channel position on DStv channel 352 and channel 168 on GOtv.

Headquartered in Accra, Dominion TV also focuses on dealing with issues heretofore regarded as “untouchable” by most ministries. Rolling out its new series of content in March 2021, Dominion TV is taking on mental health, gender equity and rape, keys for success in business and life, news, new generation views, fashion and food.

“Creativity is God’s gift to us; using our creativity is our gift to God. Therefore, Dominion TV also seeks to emphasize that Christianity is not a series of events but a lifestyle,” says Archbishop Duncan-Williams.

On her part, Rosa Whitaker noted that Dominion TV is no ordinary TV network. “We are a Pan-African platform for inspired and empowered living which is found in the Gospel of Christ. God, however, has been so misrepresented in modern culture that we are taking to the airways content that will inspire believers and non-believers alike to bring Christ into every aspect of their lives.”

With a keen eye on the business case, “Dominion TV is an investment in Africa’s creative economy, which truly holds much promise,” opined Rosa. Corporate advertisers and global sponsors of special campaigns should not overlook Africa’s promising affinity market – the Christian community.

According to Quartz Africa, the region is set to be the global center of Christianity for the next 50 years with 631 million Christians accounting for 45% of the continent’s population. This number is not inclusive of the millions of Africans in the US and European Diaspora.

Dominion TV produces and acquires content that appeals to this burgeoning demographic who prefer inspiring, ethical and values-based content.  Front and center of Dominion TV’s growth strategy is the fact that Africa is also the world’s youngest continent with 60% of the region’s population under the age of 25—an invaluable base for media content.  Further, for TV in Africa, the average daily viewing time is 3 hours 38 minutes—outpacing average global viewing time by 25%.

Dominion, a mission-driven enterprise, is not merely relying on television.  It is a multimedia company with a myriad of platforms: Dominion TV Prime—a Vimeo-powered application that takes Dominion beyond Africa to the world and a Dominion YouTube TV platform. Dominion TV’s newly built modern TV, audio studios and production business unit also support the production of content, e-books and music for African creatives seeking affordable tools on which they can build their platforms.

Dominion TV is now offering competitive rates with discounts to advertisers, ministries and content creators aiming to broaden their footprints and reach across Ghana, Africa and the world. These competitive advertising and airtime rates celebrate Dominion’s one-year anniversary on the DStv platform and its recent move to channel 352 on DStv – a much stronger position for its target demographic.

Dominion also has the largest repository of yet unheard messages and payers from Ghana’s own iconic Apostle of Strategic Prayer Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. On Dominion TV features like Inspire, hosted by Ama K. Abebrese and Dominion’s COVID-19 series, the fusion of Papa (as he is affectionately called) and Rosa is clear with guests such as TD. Jakes and Joyce Meyer, to leaders in business and policy such as Ambassador Jendayi Frazer, the former US Assistant Secretary for Africa and Senior Director for Africa at the White House; Dr. Ngozi Okojo-Iweala, who is now the consensus candidate to lead the World Trade Organization, to Hollywood stars such as Danny Glover and journalists like Isha Sesay. Dominion is also known for its showcase of Africa’s top talent including Joe Mettle, Ebo Whyte, Nathaniel Bassey, Sinach and, Dr. Tumi.

Rosa, known across Africa for her pioneering role as America’s first ever Assistant US Trade Representative for Africa in the Executive Offices of US presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, has long been bullish on business in Africa.  Her firm, The Whitaker Group, established in 2003, is credited with bringing significant investments into Africa with a cross section of blue-chip clients.

Rosa Whitaker is best known as one of the architects of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), which has annually resulted in billions of dollars in African exports entering into the US market free of duties or taxes.  These concessional trade benefits have also attracted investments into Africa’s manufacturing sectors while also creating millions of jobs across the Continent.

AGOA, now spanning the administrations of four US presidents, remains the cornerstone of US economic policy towards Africa. Rosa is now rebuilding and expanding the transatlantic coalition that got AGOA done to establish yet another bold and transformative US Africa economic policy recommendation for President Joe Biden’s administration.

She also serves on the executive board and as President of Mercy Ships, the global charity operating the world’s largest private hospital ships which has over the decades provided more than 2 million economically vulnerable Africans with surgeries and medical treatments while training a new generation of African healthcare providers.  Mercy Ships has provided these interventions, valued at nearly US$3 billion, free of charge, to more than 2 million of the most economically vulnerable Africans with a special particular focus on West Africa.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and Rosa embody inspired and empowered living – their lessons for surviving and thriving in good times and bad; keys for success in living, loving and overcoming will be weaved into the offerings of Dominion TV.  Ghana and Africa are watching and the world is waiting for the rise of yet another star from this side of the Atlantic.

For more information about Dominion Television: Website: www.domininontv.net   Social Media: @mydominiontv (Instagram & Twitter). Dominion Television (Facebook and YouTube)

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