Poetry Corner: No nose marks needed 

poetry corner


It was black and beautiful and brilliant

An eloquence of an elegance of that gallant giant

A barrage of a balm from the Barack

A bridge over troubled matters

A healthy care for all in Yankee ghettos

A bridge for a noble racial co-existence

All by a nose flattened by inherited genes


It was still black but dutiful

A rolled up sleeve

To leave no stone unmoved

A road mapped out

To lead to what all Ameri can

…yes we can!

From mapped out institutions

That must work out solutions

To solutions that must work

All by a nose marked to work to distinction

This Ameri can say

…”yes we can!”



It was a white racing for supremacy

“No nose marks, no entry”

All that he longed for

Was a patch of pink on a pointed nose

On a pitch meant only for those pointed noses


It was a blight of race of humanity

When a Floyd choked under a kneeling policy

It was when a salvo was hurled at Castro of Havana

A brawny engagement with Persia outside Teheran

To pull away a daring nuclear darling

To boycott Wei Hua Wei to suffer an operating system

To tweet at Tik-Tok to retreat to Beijing



“Else, I want my wall!”

A Mexi can foot the bill for a wall

So an Ameri can fill up the space with a wall

An Ameri

In whose left side there was nothing right

Whose electoral victory handed him a bragging right

But in whose electoral loss painfully left him at a loss

In whose right side there was nothing left

This Ameri can say

…”Ameri can be great again!”


A place uncovered in a dark sunny continent

…to house a shithloe

An unhealthy kick against an Omanma care

But wait till he climbs up the Hill of Capitol

The Citadel of Liberty

Wait to see if an Ameri can climb down

Down the House of White on his own

An Ameri can cry

…till he’s all cried out

But you can bet that they can burst his balloon

…that buffoon



It was white and black and some colours

Without any lack of spice

Abiding with her in the four white walls of honour

In the history of the Kalaharris

She was an Indo-Afro-Ameri

Proving to be a binding balm

For a center that had ceased to hold


After the stormy reign in the rain

Came then the calming rain to reign

To reign in all races of humanity

To chain down all racing for supremacy

To an unfettered release of all from fear of inferiority

To mark all life to matter to all

To piece all pieces together to formulate


To allow all breathing faces to move to greening places

To add a nose on point to a nose lying flat

Now abiding in the White Den

Until then


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