Wheel of Life Series with Lady Sam

Wheel of life Series with  Lady Sam: Make an impact

Winning at Work

Last week we looked at winning at work. There were some principles that were identified that helps one to perform better at work, this week, we look at more principles that when applied, showcases one to be seen as adding value at the workplace.

Be a Team Player

A Team player is a collaborative person. This is a person who has a positive mindset and is willing to work with others even when they have an opposing view, they are still willing to work to pursue the common goal. A team player is flexible and adaptable; this is very key especially when goals end up being changed or even revised. A team player is someone who is committed to the cause and does not give up when the going gets tough. A team player works with others to meet an expected end.

Don’t Complain

If you want to complain, then do so in your own time. You are not employed to complain but you are employed to find solutions. Your key objective is to remain productive and complaining may be counterproductive in this regard. You need to stay positive and look at what you can do within your control. If what you are complaining about seems to be never ending or even insufferable, then maybe it is time to look at a new job opportunity. There is nothing worse than being unhappy in your job. Give your best and not your worst, look for solutions and not reasons to complain.

Be Open-Minded

We can all be creatures of comfort, however, change or evolution is an inevitable part of life. If you stick to the old ways of working it would be hard to receive new ideas. It is ok not to have all the answers but the point is you must be open to seek new ideas and look for new ways of doing things. Be open and ask questions. This leads me to my next point.

Ask Questions

One cannot or shouldn’t make assumptions. People sometimes hold back because they are afraid that they will look incompetent in front of their bosses or in front of their peers. However, asking questions is definitely one of the smarter things to do because it potentially unlocks barriers to understanding, as well as eradicates wrong assumptions, it also helps others who are in the same boat as you but are too afraid to speak up because of the fear that was mentioned earlier. Of course remembering the platform in which you are in and using your judgement as to when you can ask questions is also quite key.

Speak Up

If you don’t contribute to the narrative of yourself then you leave the narrative of yourself in the hand of others. Speak when given the chance and always use it as an opportunity to highlight the value you bring to your organisation in a non-boastful way.


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