Poetry Corner: Seasons may change 

poetry corner


Seasons may change

Seasons may Spring from its season to Summer

Summer may be sandwiched between Spring and Autumn

Autumn may whisper to Winter for some snowflakes

Winter may wither all before Spring would spring up another take

Many may go out dancing

But the memories of changing seasons remain



Though years may tread through tears and fears

Through wear and tear

Through rot and decay

To end in a decade

In a century

Even in a millennium

Memories of years of yesteryears remain



Moments we dreaded with foes

Moments we cherished with friends

Moments we celebrated

Moments of frets and regrets

Memories of moments we dreaded and cherished will remain

Even in moments we were uncertain



Mornings that renewed our vows

At the sound of the first cockcrow

At the break of the chilly dawn

Mornings that reviewed the memories of the day before

Memories of many mornings before this day

…remain unbroken



Evenings when we walked

…hand in hand

Evenings when we talked

…heart to heart

Evenings when the moonlit night

…lit the path we walked

When the moon’s light

…attended our hearty chat

Evenings when we took a trip to the moon

When we returned after the sun’s noon

With memories not to fade too soon



Trees we made friends with

Trees that did keep our secrets

Trees that did not peep to see us


Those canopies of shade

Those that shaded the sight of us

…from prying eyes and ears

Those that shaded the sight of fright

…all around us

All memories of trees of shade remain




Teardrops of tears we shed

Teardrops of joy we shared

Teardrops of joyful melancholy

Teardrops of tearful joy

Teardrops of joyous gratitude

Teardrop after teardrop may rain

But memories of teardrops of tears and joy remain



The dance we danced for romance

Romance we eked out cheek to cheek

Cheeks we brushed up for romance

Cheeks we blushed after the romance

Romance we danced away in the dance

Dance of memories of romance that remain

Must forever remain



Sounds of songs we made to welcome the new dawn

Songs we sang along till voices were drowned

Songs of melody that soothed our pain

Songs that stood us up as we were let down

Songs that promised to wear us a crown

Songs, Songs, Songs

Memories of songs we sang ring on

On and on and on



Letters we wrote

Yours and mine

Letters and postcards

Letters and postcards we posted

The ones we posted to you and me

Letters and postcards tell it all

A total recall

For memories of you and me remain




The inevitable hangover

Hangs over shoulders with every breath

Breathes over every neck for a shudder


The only dent

So bent to plot to blot out

All injury

All victory

All history

All memory



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