Let’s advocate for ‘Made in Ghana foods’ – Royal Vina CEO


The Chief Executive Officer of Royal Vina Foods, Madam Davina Sheila Mensah has urged Ghanaians to patronize locally manufactured foods to help build a stable and better economy.

According to her, importing basic foods such as rice creates a challenge where the country’s foreign earnings are depleted.

“We import a lot of foreign rice and it cost us a lot. It is also a contributive factor to high exchange rates because we have to change the money to other currencies and it makes our economy a bit unstable” she stated.

She said this during the Official launch of Royal Vina Foods outlet and ‘Some made in Ghana’ products to support the ‘Eat Ghana’ initiative announced by the Ghana Tourism Authority.

Ms. Mensah appealed to state authorities to publicly support the purchase of ‘Made in Ghana Products’.

She added that her strong desire to contribute to the growth of the country led her to birth Royal Vina Foods.

She said Royal Vina Foods has contributed to the local market with pure local products that have no additives which is very good for everyone.

Madam Mensah appealed to all organizations to financially support local manufacturers to help create jobs.

She was hopeful of extending the business to encourage more Ghanaians that Made in Ghana products have a space on the local market.

She made a humble plea to every individual to support her by purchasing the products .


Royal Vina food is a food entity that deals in the production of Ghana brown rice, Ghana white rice, Pure honey, brown sugar and coconut oil.

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