All-new Toyota Corolla hits market


… a car with everything – including soul

It is no secret that the 12th-generation Toyota Corolla has a soul, which enables the sedan to be driven with feeling. Toyota cars are particularly robust, especially within the cabin and wheel areas. It is really fun to get into a Corolla because it has a boisterous personality.  It is also a rock-solid appliance that you can rely on.

After spending time behind the wheel of the new Toyota Corolla, I am very influenced by the fact that it has a soul. Whaaaat? Complete with an audio-infotainment upgrade that I would highly recommend, the Corolla is a sedan that made me fall in love with it.

The new Corolla is more than just a car

Toyota Ghana Company Limited’s blurb says “Nothing has changed. Except everything”. Needless to say, the overall look of the new Corolla is more energetic than most of the contemporary vehicles around. With the edgier styling and more engaging handling, Toyota has given car lovers an opportunity to love a car that has a soul.

Traits of words like efficient, reasonable and dependable are the likely top of mind-blowing when it comes to the new Corolla. Undoubtedly, the Toyota has rendered more visually-interesting than perchance it’s ever been; with a large grille, dagger-like headlamps and wheels spanning up to 18-inches. It’s a bystander to be unquestionable and arguably a more gorgeous choice.

Toyota’s Corolla is now a car that’s actually fun to drive. Complete with paddle-shifters and comfortable seats striped with stitching that contrasts against its upholstery, the Corolla is really coming out of its shell.

The all-new Corolla feels sporty enough to make driving to work, practice, or the school drop-off and pick-up line more fun. This is a car that has always been a reliable commuter. It features fantastic fuel economy and amazing value. However, the Toyota Corolla hasn’t always been known for its spunk or sparkle. Overall, the new Corolla has proved itself to be a compelling and engaging car that even wowed my son.

It’s a family ride

Ensuring that there’s a version of the Toyota Corolla for every buyer and budget for its size, the new Corolla accommodates my family of four pretty well. The little covers over the latch points in the rear-bench are easy to remove. However, I can imagine myself losing and then wishing for them after the car seats are outgrown and we no longer have use for them.

The soul of the car

Regardless of transmission, the new Corolla comes with standard active safety features such as a pre-collision warning system with automatic front-braking, lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist, and automatic high-beam headlights. A touchscreen infotainment system is also standard across the board, with a 7-inch unit sitting in the centre stack of the base and a larger 8-inch unit dominating the dash of all other trims.

The bigger infotainment screen benefits from Toyota’s latest Entune multimedia system, which includes Apple CarPlay compatibility and a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. High-level trims go two steps further and add an in-dash navigation system and JBL premium audio system to the mix.

Plus, the moon-roof and stitches made everything a little more fun. The Corolla handles well and feels secure through corners and at speed on the highway. For a practical family car, it gets the job done plus some perks.

A sport-mode gives the gas pedal a bit more oomph – plus, the dash display turns red when it’s in sport-mode, which my boy loved. Overall, the new Toyota Corolla is an excellent all-around car with the modern exterior styling, plenty of standard safety and tech features, and some fun extras.

Finally, I would surely recommend the Corolla to anyone that does a lot of driving and wants to stick with a car for its practical fuel economy and would like a 3-year warranty.

For further details and enquiries, you can visit the showroom of Toyota Ghana Limited at any of its garages nationwide for a test-drive and a feel of what I have experienced.

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