Nzema Manle Rural Bank is 1st Runner Up in Loan Financing in 2021


Nzema Manle Rural Bank Ltd has been awarded the First Runner-up in Loan Financing at the 22nd Biennial General Meeting and 4th Rural Banking Excellence Awards.

The fourth edition of the awards scheme, which was organized by the Association of Rural Banks Ghana, sought to recognize the works of some rural banks in Ghana that performed exceptionally well in the year 2021. It is in view of this that the Nzema Manle Rural Bank emerged as the 1st Runner Up in Loan Financing for the said year.

Reacting to the award, Thomas Quayson, Chief Executive Officer expressed his gratitude to the Association of Rural Banks Ghana for their recognition.

He also commended staff and customers for their unfailing support towards the growth of the Rural Bank. “The bank is truly grateful for this award and dedicates this award to the stakeholders and customers of Nzema Manle Rural Bank for their loyalty and support for the bank,” he said.

Nzema Manle Rural Bank Ltd was incorporated on July 14, 1980, and has its headquarters located at Aiyinasi near Aweibo in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region. Existing for over four decades, the rural bank has extended its operations to towns and communities including Aweibo, Asasetre, Axim, Elubo, Jema, Boinso, Eikwe, Gwira Enyinasi and Takoradi- Amanful to provide financial services to residents in the area.

The bank has a keen interest in the stability of their customers and they ensure that they provide them with low-interest loans to support their various businesses. Some product and services of Nzema Manle Rural Bank Ltd are SME Banking, Corporate Banking, Personal Banking, E-Banking and Loan Services to customers on a low-interest rate.

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