Jobberman appreciate customers in style

Jobberman Staff

Leading human resource recruitment platform Jobberman Ghana is taking Customer Service appreciation to a whole new level with a planned Customer Service Week.

The exercise according to the company is to help boost morale, motivation, and teamwork as well as reward frontline representatives and raise company-wide awareness on Customer Service.

The week will also afford the company an opportunity to thank other strategic partners for their support while reminding customers of their commitment.

“2020 has been a very challenging year yet our team has been very awesome. With the sense of agility, dedication and most importantly placing focus on your needs, we have held each other’s hand to soar,” Jobberman Ghana CEO, Kwaku Agbesi says.

The 2020 theme has been christened the “Dream team” and Jobberman Ghana says it presents a unique platform for them to communicate how much of a Dream team they are. Now more than ever, Jobberman Ghana wants its customers to see the importance of teamwork in the provision of outstanding service.

The theme also explores how the Jobberman team has embraced new work arrangements, how passionate they are about what they do, and how they strive for excellence and adapt to change.

Speaking on the theme, Mr. Agbesi said: “Just as the theme for this year goes, i will like to say a sincere thank you to the team at Jobberman Ghana for being one hundred percent better each day. You are indeed the dream team.” The campaign can be accessed via

Jobberman Ghana is Ghana’s leading online recruitment platform established in Ghana in 2012 to transform productivity in Ghana. Jobberman Ghana forms part of the investment portfolio of Ringier One Africa Media.

Its vision is to be Ghana’s most user-centric and transparent career ecosystem, where they connect the right candidates with the right opportunities.

The company uses a bespoke mix of human and automated solutions to match employers with the best candidates, so they can hire the right fit faster.

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