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In accordance with the provisions of the Insurance Act, 2006 (Act 724), mandating Insurance Companies to separate the general insurance business from the life business, QLAC was established.

Quality Life Assurance Company Limited (QLAC) was incorporated on 23rd October 2007. The Company commenced operation on the 1st of January 2008. Before then it was a department under the composite Quality Insurance Company Limited (QIC).

QLAC has the Catholic Bishops’ Conference as its majority shareholder.

Quality Life Assurance Company Limited

For the majority of Ghana’s Insuring public, today’s QLAC is virtually unrecognizable from the life insurance company that opened its doors to them 11 years ago in 2008. QLAC is undoubtedly the finest and one of the preferred life insurers in Ghana today. QLAC offers a wide range of products and services for its individual and group clients

Indeed, QLAC profound transformation is not just in size but also the variety of products and services it offers, as well as in its reach within Ghana. The company is at the cutting-edge of insurance for businesses, group policies for large corporates, local institutions and Churches It also has a strong retail catering for individuals

Driving all this, though, is the most pivotal superiority of all – excellent customer service quality, which is derived from the most technologically advanced and most widely applied digital software platform in use within the insurance industry today. This enables QLAC to offer the most customer-friendly product and service delivery channels, allowing individuals, private and public enterprises to carry out all their insurance activities from their homes, offices or simply through their mobile phones on the go.

QLAC prides itself as a socially responsible organization, making substantial church sponsorships across the country all year round. In furtherance of this, QLAC has recently been urging its policyholders and the insuring public to embrace technology in order to lessen the burden of moving around and also touching physical cash, with negative ramifications in this COVID-19 era. The company has therefore made available many options on its Digital platforms (Zeepay) for cash-lite and cashless insurance.

There are over 300 agents around the country acting on behalf of the company and 11 branch offices making it possible for prospective clients who are able and willing to buy insurance to do so from as low as GH¢50.

QLAC is noted for

  • Development and aggressive marketing of innovative insurance products
  • Use of aggressive media campaign to promote the company’s name and products
  • Sponsorship of various seminars on topics related to risk management and financial security to enlightened corporate entities and the public at large about the benefits of insurance
  • Creation of culture of customer service within the company
  • Use of state of the art technology to endure efficient and effective delivery of services and
  • Sponsorship of charitable activities.

Head Office

QLAC has its Head Office located at Peters House, Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Adabraka, Near Roxy Cinema and opposite Franko Phones.

Email:[email protected]

Website: www.qlacgh.com

The contact address is

Quality Life Assurance Company Limited

Peters House

Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Adabraka

P.O Box AD 14



Management Team

The Management team has in-depth experience and understanding of the insurance business and financial markets. The team has good understanding of the Ghanaian economic environment and working knowledge of the financial sector. The team poses strong client-relations skill to attract and retain clients. The Management team is headed by Dr. Aaron Issa Anafure

He is a Chartered Insurer from UK, holds a Diploma from West African Insurance Institute (WAII), Liberia, a Fellow of West African Insurance Institute, Banjul, The Gambia. A Fellow of Insurance Institute of Ghana. A member of Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana and a member of Institute of Directors (Ghana).

Aside his professional background, Dr. Anafure holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Swiss Management Centre SMC, Switzerland with specialization in Management and Corporate Governance. He had his Executive Masters in Business Administration in Finance option at the University of Ghana Business School where he also pursued his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Marketing option (BSc).

Prior to his appointment as the Chief Executive Officer of QLAC, Dr. Anafure was the former Chief Executive Officer of Ghana’s largest Life Assurance Company; SIC Life having moved from the same position in CDH Life Insurance Company Limited.

Dr. Anafure has served as a Director on several Boards which include SIC Life Company Limited, SIC Life Savings and Loans Limited as Board Chair, SIC Financial Services Limited, Merchant Bank (UMB), Ghana Insurers Association, member of Ghana Life Offices Association, member of WAICA Council, member of Association of Insurance and Reinsurance of Developing Countries (AIRDEC) and Chairman of UMB Holdings Limited as well as West African Insurance Institute (WAII) Governing Council Banjul.

He has attended a lot of courses including; Talent Management and Succession Planning, Managerial Leadership, Supervisory Management, Total Customer solutions for Top Management, Strategic Marketing, Comprehensive Technical Life Assurance – India and many more.

During his tenure of office as Chief Executive Officer for SIC Life Insurance Company, he was able to establish SIC Life Shopping Mall which was the first of its kind in the insurance industry. He also established the SIC Life Savings and Loans.

Whilst in SIC Life, he led the company to win the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIMG) award (Life category) five times and was finally called to the Hall of Fame in 2018. Premium income grew from GHc 33m in 2009 to GHc 212m as at Dec 2016 representing 529%. He maximized shareholder value through productivity, cost reduction and staff rationalization resulting in total dividend payment of GHc 13,904,334 from the period of 2011-2015.

Our Business Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy is to provide quality and excellent service to attract and retain customers.

Our Core Values

Our core values that guide all our activities are:

Efficiency and accuracy in service delivery

Having a sense of urgency.

High sense of professionalism.

Using technology to provide innovative service delivery

Hard work and continuous personal development.

Our Pledge

We pledge to guarantee our customers the peace of mind and financial security that comes in line with our mission, vision and core values.

Our Slogan

QLAC – We Inspire Trust


The Company offers a wide range of Life Assurance products that meet the diversified needs of the insuring public. This includes the following: –

Loan Protection Plan

Mortgage Protection

Keyman Assurance

Quality Group Life Insurance Schemes

Church Welfare Policy

Individual Life Policy

Quality Investment Plan

Quality Education Plan

Quality Funeral Support Plan

Quality Fa Bi Sie Susu Plan

Quality Wo Ba Daakye Education Plan

Quality Emma No Ento Wo Ansa Funeral Plan


Although QLAC has its presence in all the regions of Ghana and has sold life insurance products for more than a decade it did not have specific products designed for the informal sector,

These include Spare Parts Dealers, Dressmakers, Mechanics, Market Women, Artisans and other self-employed persons.

Consequently, in 2019, QLAC designed three microinsurance for the informal sector.

These products seek to address the challenges faced by members of the informal sector whose earnings barely meet their day to day needs and also have insufficient fund to cover unforeseen events,

The three microinsurance products are Fa Bi Sie, Wo Ba Daakye and Emma No Ento Wo ansa

A brief Description of the products

1) Fa Bi Sie

The Quality Life “Fa Bi Sie” Plan is a pure term insurance policy with a savings plan and is targeted at members of the informal sector. It is based on the traditional Susu module which is prevalent among the informal sector and allows the insured contributor to accumulate funds to meet short to medium term liquidity needs as well as have a life cover.

The policy also offers

Dynamic Financial Protection

Rapid Capital Accumulation

Short Term Benefits

Easy Access to Policy Benefits

 2) Wo Ba Daakye

The Quality Life “Wo Ba Daakye” Plan is a term insurance policy with a savings (i.e. Education Fund) plan and is targeted at members (i.e. parents/guardians) of the informal sector. It is based on the traditional Susu module which is prevalent among the informal sector and allows the insured parent/guardian to accumulate funds to meet short to medium term liquidity needs of the education of his/her children/wards as well as a life cover in the event of his/her death

3)Emma No Ento Wo Ansa 

The Quality Life “Emma No Ento Wo Ansa” Plan is a term life insurance policy with a Savings Plan (i.e. Susu Fund) geared towards providing level death benefits for individuals within the informal sector. It provides funds to help defray funeral-related expenses for family members and loved ones covered under the policy.

The base policy covers the primary insured and automatically covers three children below 20 years of age. The policyholder has the option of nominating additional lives for coverage under the policy including his/her spouse and up to a maximum of four parents/parents-in-law. The maximum number of insured lives per policy is nine lives.

The standard duration of the policy is five years. The policyholder has the option at inception to elect the level of life cover for each insured life under the policy from the packages on offer as well as the number of lives to be insured under the policy.


The name QLAC is becoming a household name in the Catholic fraternity.   Management’s meeting with the Bishops, Priest and various religious and faithful has given the Company a lot of mileage within the Church.

This has resulted in the various catholic institutions (Schools, Hospitals, Churches coming on board either as new business or to renew their policies.

Consequently, the efforts made in in-roads into the catholic fraternity have significantly contributed to premium growth

Sunday marketing outreach programmes has been intensified to create more awareness in the Catholic Church.    This had been extended to the societal meetings to have enough time for them for further discussions on the group and individual policies.  This exercise is yielding results at all levels.  The Archbishops and Bishops across the Country are still giving us opportunities to handle difficult areas to break grounds for businesses.  


The Company had activated its Mobile Money Number to receive premiums from clients and also micro insurance Collectors.    In September this year, the Company out doored a wider platform called Zeepay which will enable clients to pay premium at the comfort of wherever they find themselves. The cost of operating this platform is relatively cheaper in relation to other existing sources.  This has addressed the issue of distance to prevent making payment.  Our claims processes have also been reviewed to include the choice of Mobile Money to receive your claims.  The pilot had been successful; hence the reporting is being studied for future control measures to be taken.

The company has also employed the use of the Espyon system in the collection of our micro insurance premium to help to track collections in real time whilst they are on the field.  This experience will help us to deploy the micro insurance to the other Regions. 


Inspite of the challenges emanating from the global covid-19 pandemic, the recapitalization and the general economic downturn resulting mainly from the financial sector crises remains positive about the prospect of the business and expect a healthy growth in the years ahead.

Special programmes aimed at bringing our products and services to the doorsteps of ensuring of public especially the catholic fraternity are being continued.

The partnership between the Dioceses, Parishes and the management of QLAC shall be sustained and increased in the course of 2020.

Management is committed to improving QLAC through top notch customer service. Our resolve is to ensure continual growth of the company, branch and agency operational network through our products and services.

Specially, the promotion of the micro products is being pursued to achieve the desired results. Staff and agency welfare and training shall also be reviewed and improved to ensure quality delivery of services to all clientele.

We will continue to be optimistic about the future of QLAC inspite of the pandemic and are committed to position the company and make it the flagship and preferred insurer amongst the insuring public. It is our resolve to manage and promote on the wings of good corporate strategies and governance that benefit all stakeholders of the company. 


BRANCH              LOCATION                                                 TELEPHONE    

TEMA                     Opposite Community Two Police Station 0242634315

KOFORIDUA          Tutuwaa house opposite Eastern FM              0543253193

CAPE COAST          1st Floor Catholic Press-Chapel Square           0244284640

SUNYANI                1st Floor, Queen of Peace building                   0244484138

TAKORADI             First Floor of Star of the Sea Cathedral           0312025092

TAMALE                Mash Plaza, Gumani Opp. Northern Business 0507856932

KUMASI                 Nhyiaso roundabout, Apino plaza                   0547778994

HO                        Catholic Secretariat Building                         02447969102

BOLGA                  Catholic Bishop Secretariat, library road         0207515622

WA                        Wa High Way, Stanbic Building                      0244655715

ACCRA AREA         SIC Life Mall                                                 0244956983

MADINA                Queen of Peace Catholic Church                     0540122179

HEAD OFFICE        Peters House Kwame Nkrumah Avenue           0556589662

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