Uralchem and United Fertilizers Company Limited introduce world class products

Uralchem and United Fertilizers Company Limited introduce world class products

Modern agriculture requires a liberal use of technology and Ghana is towing that path already-howbeit insufficiently. In the area of agrochemical use, Ghana has made significant inroads with a vibrant industry that continues to grow.

With new entrants that consistently enter the agrochemical industry fray with an array of products, the Ghanaian agrochemical industry is tipped by experts to continue its   fast paced-growth rate.

One of the stand-out companies contributing significantly to this hugely important area of Ghanaian agriculture is United Fertilizers Company Limited (UFCL)

United Fertilizers Company Limited (UFCL) exclusively represents Russian fertilizer manufacturers Uralchem and Uralkali in Africa.

Uralchem’s product range is one of the most versatile and well balanced among producers. It includes nitrogenous fertilizers commonly used in agriculture, such as ammonium nitrate, urea prilled, calcium ammonium nitrate granulated. Uralchem also manufactures number of compound NPKs and specialty water soluble fertilizers under Solar brand.

Uralkali is the leading global producer of potash (potassium chloride), also known as MOP. It mines potash ore, which is then enriched and converted into final product ready to be used as a fertilizer for direct application to the soil, a component for NPK blending and the source of potassium in compound NPK manufacturing process.

Uralchem’s and Uralkali’s manufacturing facilities are located in Russia, with majority of them – in Perm region.

The firm controls entire supply chain fleet of specialized railcars and port terminals in Riga (Riga Fertilizer Terminal) and Saint Petersburg (Baltic Bulk Terminal). Both companies are present worldwide through extensive distribution network as well as storage, transhipment and loading facilities.

The brand and products on its stable are world renowned and devoted to providing a myriad of key agro service solutions to the Ghanaian agricultural industry.

Since arriving the agrochemical scene, United Fertilizers Company Ltd has achieved a great deal of success by providing farmers with effectual products as well as contributing significantly to the industry through training and capacity building.

Investment and impact

As part of its commitment to rising atop the agrochemical sub-sector, the firm together with its Ghanaian partners, is looking to plough investment into establishing a sustainable supply of its products to farmers scattered across the sixteen (16) regions of Ghana.

The company will in the future explore a partnership with extension officers of the Ministry of Food and Agricultural to organise education seminars and field demonstrations for farmers in the districts with a commitment to ensuring that farmers who invest in its headline products are guaranteed valued for money.

A commitment to innovation

With a commitment to innovation and respect for the environment, the firm has laid a marker that is worth emulating for an industry that has recently been at the end of a backlash from environmentalists.

Governments focus on the agricultural sector through its flagship programme of “Planting for Food and Jobs” provides a fantastic opportunity for United Fertilizes Company ltd to continually shine bright; having already impressed since its foray into the Ghanaian agricultural sector.

UFCL was established in early 2019 to perform commercial and marketing activities in Africa on behalf of Uralchem and Uralkali. Since then, UFCL made itself known as reliable supplier and proactive thoughtful partner. Proximity of offices to major African markets locates UFCL within arm’s reach to its customers and to those enterprises willing to engage into new business relationship.

The firm has an institutional operational policy that focuses on providing value-added services and contributes to expansion of practical knowledge of economically beneficial and environment friendly crop production. To test alternative fertilization programs UFCL partners with leading agricultural research institutions.

Experts assembled by the firm together with its partners (importers and distributors) establish field trials regularly to demonstrate the effect of balanced crop nutrition to front liners and major stakeholders of the agriculture sector.

All the nutrients crops need to produce a healthy and abundant harvest are available in the complete range of products offered by UFCL. In Ghana, the firm distributes well-known to every grower NPK grades as 27:6:6 and 21:10:10 as well as relatively new to the market 10:26:26, as well as commonly used nitrogenous fertilizers: Urea prilled and CAN granular.

Further, the firm makes sure that Ghanaian farmers can get the most concentrated source of potassium – potassium chloride (MOP), which is used for manufacturing various NPK blends and PK grades for cocoa. MOP is universal, as it also can be applied directly to the field, which is very important in order to achieve balanced supply of nutrients for high quality yields. For those who run outdoor drip-irrigation systems for vegetable production UFCL has unique solutions through the range of water soluble Aqua Drop NPKs.


Agriculture is critical to Ghana’s development agenda. The sector is an engine of job creation: Farming alone currently accounts for about 45 percent of total employment, while the share of jobs across the food system is potentially much larger.

The presence of United Fertilizers Company and the availability of its potent range of products on the local market present farmers across the country an opportunity for farmers to savour the benefit of a world class brand that guarantees improved yield.

As Ghana strives to advance the fortunes of the agric sector through the government’s Planting for Food and Jobs policy, United Fertilizer ltd is an obvious partner for progress that will benefit government and farmers who will dare to trust the brand and its promise of commitment to delivering fertilizers with proven international reputation.




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