Continental Blue Investment donates free bags of cement to three government institutions

Some members of Continental Blue Investment during the donation

The Continental Blue Investment Ghana Limited has donated over 2000 bags of its Supacem cement to the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Prisons Service and Ghana Air Force.

The company gave each of the three institutions (Ghana Police Detective Training Academy, Ghana Prisions Service at Awutu and Ghana Air force) 800 bags of its Supacem cement to help with ongoing infrastructure developments at the institutions.

Speaking to the media, the Board Chairman of the CBI, Paul Albrecht stated that the gesture is part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility earmarked towards the support of the country’s security agencies in order to build facilities that will lead to increased intake of personnel. “Our aim and target is to assist all these developments, and improve the lodging and training capacities of all these institutions.”

Mr. Albrecht further stated that the company has not had it easy with regards to its production, but that notwithstanding, they are still bent on producing the best cement in the country.

Managing Director, Frederic Albrecht touted the current price of cement in Ghana as the lowest in the West African sub-region. He indicated that the cement industry in Ghana has surplus production in the market, making it very competitive. “We are betting on quality cement to try and make a difference. We are trying our best but it’s a very competitive market in terms of the number of players in the market. It’s not an easy market.”

He further charged the Ghana Standard Authority to ensure best practices prevail in the market to avoid substandard products. “The price of cement is a very important component and cheap cement will compromise quality. We need a strong intervention from the GSA to try and ensure players abide by standards.”

According to the Commercial Director, Kobby Adams, the company gives priority to safety, low emissions and environmental friendliness. He further stated that Supacem launched with its ‘Fast Dry’ 32.5R cement which boasts of the fastest one-day and two-day strengths of any 32.5R grade cement in Ghana.

Responding to why the company was doing these donations, Mr Adams added that CBI recognizes the need for all its communities of contact to thrive in order to ensure the long-term development of their operations.

Receiving the cement on behalf of Ghana Police Service Detective Training Academy, the Director of CID, COP Isaac Ken Yeboah expressed appreciation saying the donations will go a long way to help the CID complete its classroom blocks and conference rooms which will reduce the allocated budget for the projects. He further said stated that the service had already started using the Supacem brand and so can attest to the quality and effectiveness of the product.

On his part, the Chief Staff Officer of the Ghana Air Force, Air Commodore Jacob Ashrifie said the donation was timely and will go a long way to speed-up ongoing projects. “To quantify this donation, I believe will be to undervalue it. We do have a budget but government resources do not cover 100% and this donation will go a long way in assisting us to meet our project timelines.”

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