Women at all life’s stages can be flawless – Colorbox Cosmetics CEO


After observing women struggle with applying makeup in a way that enhances their beauty, Stephanie Adu, founder of Colorbox Cosmetics, was inspired to create an easy to use beauty tool range, poised to help women at all performance levels and at all life stages apply makeup flawlessly with ease.

Last month, the melanin-focused brand gathered virtually, with women at all stages in life from Ghana and Nigeria, to launch The Colorbox Evolution range.

The product line proudly features interactive colour-coded makeup brushes, makeup accessories, a two-in-one lash and line and their award-winning product Melanin Glow – a loose pigment highlighter with an inclusive shade range.

The multi-faceted launch experience featured Ghanaian media personality Vanessa Gyan, who talked about motherhood and the importance of moms taking time for themselves. “Makeup application is a sacred regiment and should be a ‘You-Time’. We do so much as mothers, we have to make time for ourselves,” said Vanessa Gyan.

Representing for Nigeria was founder of the MakeUp Fair Series, Omolola Faleye, who spoke about the importance of cross border collaborations between the Ghanaian and Nigerian beauty industries. The two CEOs not only highlighted the need for partnership, they put their thoughts into action by teaming up for the MakeUp Fair Series in Lagos starting, which happened on 25th September.

The pre-launch event was energized with award-winning makeup artists, young Ghanaian lifestyle influencers and a sultry performance by Yaa Yaa. The songstress also talked about her journey with her own beauty and the significance in women learning how to apply makeup for themselves.

“We are truly a brand that grows with you. This is not just about the product, it’s about women evolving their makeup process into one that is fun, empowering and simple. We want women to grow at all levels in their artistry and have access to affordable high-quality beauty products,” shared Stephanie Adu.

The bigger picture

With a rising middle class, by 2050 Africa’s population is expected to hit 2.4 billion providing a significant market for beauty brands to serve. In 2017, the African beauty industry was estimated at US$9.2 billion and has since shown an 8%-10% increase per year.

Beauty brands like Colorbox Cosmetics are championing the opportunity to provide product solutions for an underserved target audience- African women.

“We are not exclusive and that is our unique selling point,” shared Stephanie Adu- Mudikongo. The brand targets women from young gen-Zers to mothers and seasoned women. Colorbox Cosmetics has defined a niche which focuses on performance levels, increasing access for women despite their makeup application skill levels.

All Colorbox Evolution products will soon be available in Nigeria through stockists in Lagos and Abuja found on colorboxcosmetics.com. The brand will expand to Nigeria and Kenya in 2021.

Empowering women by simplifying the process

The main feature of the new launch is the ColorBox Evolution Brush System.  Colorbox Evolution Makeup brushes are available individually but can be coordinated into a set depending on the customer’s needs. The colors on each brush handle indicate the function of the brush, which supports customers with coordination and applying their makeup.

The brushes are categorized in the following way:

  • Black handles designated for the face
  • Pink handles made for eye application
  • Purple handles are for pro blending and application

Colorbox Evolution also includes makeup accessories that promote organisation and brush hygiene. The new Colorbox Evolution products are designed with durability and value in mind. Each brush is made with Grade A duo-fiber synthetic hairs, which makes it easier to clean and long-lasting.

“We’re excited to see beauty brands like Colorbox release products with African women in mind. The Beauty industry in Ghana needs more innovation,” shared CEO of Make Up Ghana – Rebecca Donkor, known for building and developing Ghana’s beauty industry.

Colorbox Cosmetics is an affordable luxury beauty brand founded and led by Stephanie Adu and was born out of her bold obsessive desire to create a brand where women from diverse backgrounds could access and afford superior quality products. Colorbox Cosmetics has been trading since 2014 in Ghana and will expand throughout Africa starting in 2021. The brand serves to help continue to change the narrative of what quality looks like when linked with and/or coming from Africa.

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