Advans Ghana Savings and Loans, OikoCredit Distribute PPE clients


Advans Ghana Savings and Loans in collaboration with OikoCredit have distributed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Sanitary products to their clients.

The 5-day project is aimed at distributing nose masks, hand sanitizers, hand washing soap and Veronica buckets to clients as part of efforts to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the beginning of this crisis, Advans Ghana has considered, as a top priority, the protection of its staff and clients by strictly observing all the COVID-19 protection protocols in its premises.

The company has also relentlessly sensitized the public, clients and staff on protective measures to put in place at work, at home and outside.

In a short presentation made by Advans Ghana’s management team, the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Olivier Bailly-Béchet, noted that, “Even though there are many recoveries, as the virus is still real and spreading in Ghana, uncertainty remains for the future. And we all know uncertainty is never good for business. Whiles nations around the world are making strides in generating a vaccine, it is our individual and collective responsibility to implement the safety protocols at all times to protect ourselves and others by washing of hands regularly, keeping a 2 meter social distancing, wearing of a facemask, avoiding touching one’s mouth, eyes and nose and sanitizing regularly”.

He added that it is for the this very reason that management of Advans Ghana in collaboration with Oikocredit has stepped in again to support clients with PPE and sanitary products to ensure maximum safety at the various business centers after five months of the crisis.

He indicated that, this comes as part of the many interventions Advans Ghana has rolled for its clients with the onset of COVID including the distribution of relief packages, granting a grace period for loan payment for clients.

Advance Ghana continues to provide loans and other financial services, through their mobile banking solution “Mobibank”, to support clients in restarting their businesses, performing their transactions and more generally, in addressing their needs.

Riding on the back of the company’s social goals, the event also served as a springboard to provide education to its clients on the widespread of COVID-19 and its impact on livelihoods and businesses.
“While making sure the PPE and sanitary products being given away are locally produced, one core principle of Advans Ghana was fulfilled in this project; that is, aiming to provide support to local manufacturers entrepreneurs and MSME’s. The event saw in attendance individual entrepreneurs from whom Advans Ghana purchased the items being given away from” said Mr. Olivier Bailly-Béchet.

He charged the branch managers, in all twenty branches to replicate this exercise across board between 14th and 19th August, 2020.

About Advans Ghana
Advans Ghana Savings and Loans is a subsidiary of the Advans Group head-quartered in Paris with presence in nine countries in Africa and Asia and serving more than 1 million clients worldwide. In Ghana, Advans operates in twenty branches across eight regions with the head office located in Accra-Newtown. Advans Ghana’s mission is to provide client centric financial services to small businesses and under-served populations in a sustainable and responsible manner.

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