Kantanka says it is ready for automobile market


Kantanka Automobile Ghana Limited, the only indigenous automobile manufacturing company in Ghana, is set to get on the market with their range of vehicles.

Francis Kujoji, General Manager of the company, said the company has been given the green-light to proceed with mass production of different models of vehicles. “This is something we have been waiting for and now that it has been given, it has given us the opportunity to forge ahead to expand our production and come out with different models for the Ghanaian market.

“It has given us some leverage to expand our production that we were hoping for. Without a policy from government, it is a risky business. Now that we have waivers on duties and levies, we will come with cars that are moderate and affordable” Mr. Kujoji told the B&FT in an interview.

He said with current production standing at 12 units per day, the new policy direction would allow them to reach 20 per day. According to him the future of the industry is very bright with numerous economic benefits.

The auto industry is one of the largest contributors to employment, as lots of industries will spring up and job creation is assured at every level. He noted that with their small operation, Kantanka currently has 150 permanent employees and with demand increasing, there would be room for more employment.

Also, the automobile industry offers very good opportunities for technical and vocational institutions in the country because the premium on theory will shift to application of both theory and practical.

“It is going to help a lot and I believe it is going to revamp our automotive industry. We have various auto class tests in Abossey Okai, Odorna, Kokompe, Suame Magazine, so when we put these auto classes together and then we form an auto park, that is where Ghana is going to see the benefit of this automotive industry.”

He said Ghanaians should expect nothing but quality from the company, simply because their cars are equipped with the basic safety mechanisms which every Ghanaians will be happy to ride, urging them to patronise them.

Francis Kujoji

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