REJOINDER: NEDco clamps down on power theft in Northern and Savannah Regions


It has come to the notice of the management of Mole Motel Company Limited that your widely read Business & Financial Times published a report authored by one Samuel Sam on the above subject “NEDco clamps down on power theft in the Northern and Savannah Regions”. According to the publication dated 23rd July 2020, which was sighted online, “Mole Motel in the Damongo district of the Savannah Region” is one of the power consumers involved in power theft.

Mole Motel wishes to state in unequivocal terms that there is no iota of truth in the publication which included our company in the list of hotel facilities engaged in illegal electricity connection. Mole Motel has not been served with any writ of summons from any court of competent jurisdiction, neither has any official of VRA NEDco engaged us in any dispute over illegal connection or non-payment of electricity bills because we have done nothing untoward as far as the subject matter is concerned.

We wish to inform your media house that for the past sixteen years that Mole Motel, a two-star hotel located in the Mole National Park near Damongo, was connected to the national electricity grid we have been in good standing with VRA NEDco in terms of bill payments, and have never engaged in power theft. We are a responsible and modestly resourceful parastatal business entity owned by two prestigious government institutions and would not be so nefarious to lend our reputation to such illegality.

We, therefore, take a very serious view of Samuel SAM’s libelous report published by your media house, which is calculated to bring the hard-earned reputation of Mole Motel into disrepute. In accordance with principle and practice, we demand a retraction and unreserved apology from your outfit and that you publish our rejoinder with the same treatment as the original publication, as obliged under the National Media Commission guidelines on publishing rejoinders.


(General Manager, Mole Motel; 0544444246)

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