Smart Home Technology: … the new normal in homes


Home Automation on The Rise

Integrated home automation is rapidly moving out of the shadows of luxury and entering the mainstream of society, to become the new normal for Ghanaian homes. We live in a time like no other: as more and more systems in our homes become integrated, tenants/homeowners are becoming keenly aware of the opportunities for cost-saving, time-saving and, above all, convenience and peace of mind that are offered by embracing smart home technology.

Time spent at home should be an opportunity to relax and enjoy family and friends. And smart home automation can help to make it exactly that. Whether it’s the convenience of being able to remotely unlock the front door and let your guests in. Or, the practicality of being able to adjust blinds/curtains, or cooling control or, adjusting audio all from the same smart device. Or, the luxury of a totally integrated home theatre. These comforts are no longer only available to the rich or lucky – they can be yours too. (Single Room, Chamber & Hall or 2-3-bedroom Apartment).

An Investment in Your Lifestyle

Most homeowners / tenants nowadays are acutely aware of, and always trying to find ways to reduce overhead living costs. Smart home technology allows you to access and monitor your energy usage at any time during the day, which helps you to make educated and responsible measures to cut home running expenses. From your smart device, you can turn off power to zones when they are not in use, which means a lower electricity bill. Accurate monitoring = big savings.

As technology advances, home automation systems are becoming increasingly more affordable to working-class Ghanaians. And, of course, the beauty of the whole concept is that you can add to your system as and when your budget allows it!


What Is Behind the Increased Demand?

The last decade has witnessed a huge spike in the number of appliances and systems in our homes that are connected. From security to window furnishings, Ghanaians are realizing the benefits of one central device to control numerous things.

And a lot of the current embracing of smart technology in the home is a result of busy and demanding lifestyles. In many of today’s families, both parents work a full week and there’s no denying it: the pace of life seems to increase with every passing week! Anything to save time, stress or a humble Ghana Cedis (Ghc) is invaluable…

Our homes are, generally speaking, our biggest personal asset. And that’s why integrated home security is becoming increasingly popular across the country. Whether you live in a quiet residential area or on a busy city street, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your home.

Smart home security allows you to log on remotely 24/7 and view your security camera footage, check that your house alarm is set and generally reassure yourself that everything is ok.




Thinking About Home Automation?

There are so many advantages to embrace with smart home technology, that it’s no wonder it’s becoming the new ‘normal’ in Ghanaian homes. And as the years roll on, no doubt home integration systems will advance and the list of benefits will grow longer…

For the First Time in Ghana and possibly within the West Africa Sub-Region, a SMARTHOME lifestyle package is being developed to   fit the budget of tenants/homeowners living in a Single room, Chamber & Hall or 2-3-bedroom homes.

Smart Home Automation was a Technology; Now it’s a Lifestyle.

Embrace the New Normal.


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