Transport fares shoot up by 15% starting this weekend


With some drivers and transport owners unreasonably charging an upward fare, the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) is yet to release the new transport fares this weekend, after the Ministry of Transport approved a 15 percent hike in fares across the board in the country.

Justifying the increment, the Union noted various components that go into the running of commercial transport services which have gone up during this COVID-19 pandemic; and in addition, considering the reduction of passengers per transport vehicle.

Also, despite grievances and fears that a transport price increase could affect the price of goods and services, the GPRTU expected a 50 percent hike due to increased fuel prices and cost of spare-parts and other material used in in running the business. The Deputy Transport Minister, Daniel Titus Glover, said the various drivers’ unions presented a petition to the ministry on Monday and were promised that the issue will be looked into.

It was after a meeting between the Transport Ministry and other stakeholders Mr Glover disclosed, that it was agreed for the fare to be increased by 15 percent across the board.

“It is obvious that transport operators have sacrificed to ensure that the nation fights COVID-19, and therefore the state also has to put in some measures to ensure they are not worse-off while they continue to ensure social distancing in their vehicles and invest in getting PPE, sanitisers and handwashing materials at the stations to help fight COVID-19.

“The decision will take effect this coming Saturday, July 11. We are going to ensure that all the COVID-19 protocols are still practiced at all transport station across the country. Just as is done anytime there is an increase like this, authorities at the station have been asked to print the new rate and paste it at the various stations – and also in cars to prevent any argument,” the Deputy Transport Minister said.

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