Sybil Shaibu column: Top five things to remember


I’m sure by now, most of us would acknowledge that not only is life full of uncertainty, it’s also a tough world. Personally, I think that once you get to understand this, your outlook on life changes. That’s because you get to a place of acceptance, and that ought to you make things somewhat easier for yourself. But notwithstanding human as we are, there are bound to be times when life throws such hurdles at us and we let things get to us.

Life is what it is and there’s nothing any of us can do about it, so then the little things we can do to make life easier should be the way to go. Let me share these five reminders, that help me navigate my way in this life.

  1. You don’t have to be perfect

You’re human and that alone should make you understand that you aren’t perfect. It’s quiet noble to try to aim for perfection, but the truth of the matter is that you don’t always have to be perfect. We live in a world now where societal pressure creates a mirage of expectations. And one such façade is the desire to be perfect. Many people find themselves entrapped by this notion and end up being unhappy.

You need to understand that you are human, you have flaws, weakness and don’t have absolute control of everything. So, it’s ok to not be perfect. Life’s challenges don’t define who you are, so don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect. It’s normal to be imperfect because guess what? No one is perfect, from the geniuses to the most successful person on earth, no one has ever attained perfection.

  1. Having a bad day is ok

We begin our day by psyching ourselves to having a great day. And it can be a disappointment when the day ends up being a bad day. Listen, things don’t always go as we envisage, such is life. Don’t try to fight it, rather remind yourself that it’s okay to have a bad day. That’s because the bad days don’t last, it comes and goes. Ironically, it’s the bad days that make us appreciate the good days. Don’t be hard on yourself for having a bad day, rather tell yourself it okay and move on. Everybody has their own share of bad and good days, so you’re not alone.

  1. Small steps are also progress

One very profound truth about progress is that it’s a process. And the process of progress takes time, no matter the level of progress you seek to achieve. Many people fail to accept this and end up becoming frustrated. They expect instant progress and set their expectations so high. But as the saying goes Rome was not built in a day, they first started small before significant progress was made. So, believe that no matter how small the effort, it qualifies as progress for it’s the small, small progress that culminates into the manifestation of the progress you desire.

  1. Asking for help is Strength

Society has created the false impression that asking for help is a sign of weakness. On the contrary asking for help shows how strong a person is. This is because it takes a lot of strength to bring yourself to accepting that you need help. And even more strength to ask for help, not knowing the outcome.You’ve survived this life because you’re strong. Everyone needs help, that’s because no one knows it all. Neither does anyone have their whole life figured out. So, ask for help when you need it, and I applaud you for your strength in asking.

  1. People love and appreciate you

Sometimes circumstances can make you feel like no one cares. Regardless of what the situation spells out or how the people around make you feel. I want you to believe that you’re loved and appreciated, if not by many, by a few that matter. And so for their sake don’t for once think, your life means nothing. You’re loved and deeply appreciated for just being the special person that you are.

None of us knows where life is taking us, but please do me a favor and remember these things.

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