Banking Survey 2020: Global Accelerex; your reliable fintech partner during and beyond the pandemic

Sebastian Yalley

While the Coronavirus may have forced organisations to adjust the way they operate, at Global Accelerex, it has not halted either our progress or our commitment to extend financial inclusion, improve the daily lives of people through the provision of bespoke e-payment solutions and our quest to spur growth of our business partners.

“COVID-19, as devastating as it has been, also opened new possibilities for digital innovations especially in financial service delivery. Financial service providers that will stay ahead of the competition in the post COVID-19 era are the ones that will reimagine their products to solve real problems digitally.

As a financial technology company with expertise and experience across Africa, we bring to the Ghanaian market, a commitment to support financial service providers innovate their service delivery processes to delight their customers. Talk to us first if you need payment or collection solutions,” says Sebastian Yalley, Chief Executive Officer of Accelerex Ghana.

Although Accelerex is not immune to the wider impact of the Coronavirus pandemic particularly on the economy, as a financial technology player, we see opportunities to innovate, increase demand for alternative channels from end-users, increase in demand for digital solutions from service providers and to diversify our product mix to meet demand in the face of the crisis.

Who we are

Global Accelerex is a financial technology company operating in Ghana, Nigeria, and now expanding to Kenya with a holding group in Mauritius. We are a leading Payment Terminal Services Providers and Payments Solutions & Services Provider. We achieved this feat by being client-focused, agile, and innovation driven. Our product specialisation is in POS devices and software – web-based and POS based – to meet the payment and collection needs of our clients.

We are an accredited supplier of NEXGO brand of Android and Linux POS devices. The devices are certified with PCIDSS, PBOC, UPTS, and major international and local card schemes.  Our decade long experience in POS implementation and deployment across Africa makes us a partner of choice with deep insight and innovation in the market. We bring cost effectiveness, agility, excellent customer services, and a commitment to the payment and collection strategy of our clients. We have a proven track record of working with large, medium, and small financial institutions with highly flexible partnership options.

Our products and services

Aside our POS solutions, we offer the following products;

POS Value Added Services (POSVAS)

POSVAS is solution that is implemented on the POS of merchants to provide convenience of payment, stock management, customer loyalty, analytics, and 24/7 merchant support. We have an acceptance device neutral wired or wireless integration solution for retail business systems to eliminate errors due to cashier typos, reduce cashier theft and other fraud possibilities, and creates stickiness to POS device. This solution is perfect for any financial institutions that want to stay ahead of the competition in merchant acquiring and also improve POS usage.

 Agent Network Platform (ANP)

ANP is a web-based portal that seeks to address the financial inclusion problem by integrating with different payment channels as POS, Mobile, Web and others to enable simple financial operations such as cash withdrawals, cash deposits, fund transfers, bill payment, loan provisioning and other related financial services.

Accelerex Collection Platform (ACP)

ACP is a web-based platform which streamlines the digital payment collection processes of various revenue collecting organizations such as Ministries, MMDAs, utility companies, universities etc. It provides quick fix for regulating the transparency, optimal allocation, utilization and movement of financial resources within these organizations. Payment collection for ACP is done through POS, Web, Agents, and other channels to enable financial operations such as payment of fees, tariffs, and duties. This solution can be integrated seamlessly to the company’s accounting system. It is designed to be flexible and accommodating to business requirements and delivery models.

Terminal Aggregator Management System

This is a robust system that helps banks manage the activities of their POS terminals and merchants. It provides technical and operational standardisation, key management, interoperability, and aggregation of all connected terminals that support POS Interface Specification ISO8583. This solution is perfect for banks that want to deploy new POS device but are worried about their existing legacy POS devices as it provides a single platform for management. It is also perfect for switching transactions on POS devices deployed across merchant locations. This solution can be connected directly to Third-Party Processors (TPPs) and is suitable for financial institutions without their own switch.

How we can help grow your business?

As a tried and tested fintech with experience working on the continent over the past decades, we are well-positioned to proffer e-payment and technological solutions to problems faced by companies in wide range of sectors of the Ghanaian economy.  To date, banks and financial institutions remain our major clients and partners, although we have expertise in developing bespoke e-payment solutions for players in the real estate, hospitality, telecommunications, manufacturing, and retail sectors, among others. We work with both local and multinational institutions and we have a demonstrable track record across Africa.

We also work closely with partners to create client specific solutions that meet their peculiar needs.

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