Y-Leaderboard Series: Lucy Quist directs youth on path to success


Ghanaian-British business and technology executive, Lucy Quist, has made an appearance on the 9th edition of the Y Leaderboard series to share few tips to help youths who want to achieve greater things in life.

Speaking to YFM’s Rev. Erskine on the Y Leaderboard Series show, she divulged that the youth needed to learn the habit of confiding in very few people who will help them achieve their goals rather than broadcast their goals to everybody.

“I encourage people that when you have a goal find the right people to share it with. You don’t have to go round telling the whole world what you want to be. You have to really see yourself in that future.

If you have a vision, you must not tell everyone. You must tell the right people. The right people who can help you get there. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will give you the job or get you the job. Sometimes you will have people telling you the things you need to prepare for life. This is because the fact that you want to become something doesn’t always mean you are ready or prepared for it.”

Sharing her own experience, she noted that meeting the right people prepared her for a leadership position in a telecommunications company.

“I think that at the time opportunity came around, I was prepared because many people had invested in preparing me for that opportunity. In anticipation of its coming, people had guided me to build the leadership skills to help me. Of course, it was an opportunity of a lifetime to run a telecom company,” she said.

Highlighting also on the importance of teamwork, the astute business executive mentioned that working with the members of the Normalisation Committee gave her the opportunity to learn from others. She thus encouraged that people work in teams to promote the growth and development of the country.

“It was a great opportunity to learn from people with diverse views and backgrounds. It helped me learn about how we organize ourselves as a country and I would like to think the contribution I made in restructuring our business model was done as a collective. We worked as a committee rather than working in a room,” she added.

Speaking on her upbringing she revealed that she had to deal largely with adapting to life in the UK after going back to her birth land for her tertiary education. According to her, she never experienced the same cultural shock when she came to Ghana with her parents during her formative years.

Programmes Manager for YFM, Eddy Blay, speaking on the 9th edition of the Y Leaderboard Series stated, On the Y Leaderboard Series, we only seek to bring our youth the most inspiring personalities and voices to help shape futures and in turn, guide them to lead equally-inspiring lives. Lucy Quist as we all know is one of the few women who have been able to push to an overwhelming height and is still climbing, hence we thought ‘who better to have on our 9th edition than the first Ghanaian female CEO of a telco’,” he said.


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