Akuapem Education Trust opens call for 2020 scholarship application


The Akuapem Education Trust (AET), a higher education fund set up by the religious and traditional leaders of the Okuapemman, has announced the opening of its 2020 applications for qualified candidates.

The AET was launched in 2019 and is anchored in the idea that, society’s primary responsibility should always bend towards providing equal opportunities for its members. The Trust provides scholarships, school infrastructures and operates a mentorship program to develop our leaders for tomorrow.

In keeping with its core mandate, The Education Trust invites High School graduates of Akuapem heritage, who have gained admission to a public university and can demonstrate a need for financial assistance, to apply.

In a statement to the media, the Board Chairman – Dr. Abboah Offei said, “it is the mission of the trust to enhance our human capital, maintain our educational infrastructure and facilities, and to ensure that no one is left behind in the pursuit of higher education and a brighter future. This is why we have established a fund that speaks to the needs of our young people, in order to ensure their personal development as well as the overall development of the Akuapem Ridge.”

He urged all qualified candidates to visit akuapemeducationtrust.org/apply/ to learn more about the application requirements and to access the application form, with a personal statement.

Last year, 5 scholarships were awarded with one of these being dedicated to a student who gained admission to study Akuapem Twi at the tertiary level. The deadline of the application is 31st July 2020. The Akuapem Education Trust is grateful for your generosity of all donors and partners.

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