Personal Branding with Bernard Kelvin Clive:Digital tools to promote your brand and make money 


Apps, Tools, and Services

I have compiled a couple of tools and services for promoting your brand and making some money on the internet.

3 Keys to Carry Along

I have identified three key things/ tools to help you in promoting your brand and doing business online.


The first is to invest in paid adverts, yes, the free lunch is over, it is going to cost you some dollars to rake in more dollars. You must be willing to invest in paid ads to get desired and targeted reach in most cases. I highly recommend using Facebook ads and Google ads. There are other ad services available depending on your niche, if you find such do give it a shot.

The second most important thing you will need is to have subscribers/lists – people to constantly engage with and to do that require you having a mailing list. That’s list of emails of people who have subscribed to your services. To constantly communicate with them. I recommend using a service called to help you get started with your list creation..


The third valuable skill to have is copywriting skills, the ability to craft compelling sales contents – ads, emails, website content, product description, blurbs etc. This one skill will help you leverage your brand and business successfully. Copywriting is one of the most powerful skills to learn in digital marketing. Take time to learn this and the rest would be easy.

Now let’s get started!


AMAZON (Dropshipping)

Sell digital and brick and mortar goods and services.

Dropshipping is an e-commerce technique in which the seller acts as a middle man in that he, takes orders on behalf of a producer, manufacturer, distributor, or supplier. When an order is placed he used the producer to deliver the items.

Amazon, the world’s largest ecommerce platform, makes it easier to make money by dropshipping or selling your own products.


Benefits of Amazon Includes;

  • Positive Customer Trust. Builds trust with your audience.
  • Product Content: Offer Information Customers Actively Seek, Want, And Need. Advertisers can place their ads on product pages where shoppers actively seek product information.


The purpose of a blog is to attract visitors to your site. The more visitors you have read your content, the more likely you are to convert these interested users into qualified leads and boost sales.


Benefits of blogs include;


  • Boosts Search Engine Optimization.
  • Develop Relationships with Potential and Existing Customers.
  • Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader.
  • Connect People to Your Brand.
  • Provide Value for Your Readers.



Print and electronic books.

You can make money from books by either selling white-label books or writing and selling your own books. Books are of the avenues to promote your expertise – your brand.



Copywriting is re-arranging words to make things sell better. It is a written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action. Writing better copy enables you to convert more readers into customers.

Benefits of copywriting 

  • Presents quality content to your audience.
  • Connects you with potential customers on a variety of platforms.



Did you know that great domain names are the easiest way for customers to find you online? You can help your visitors find you by using a domain name that is short and memorable. Domain registration is the process of acquiring a domain name from a domain name registrar. You will have the choice to register the domain on several different top-level domains if available, such as .com, .org, among others.


Benefits of a domain registration include;

  • Domain names can be used to establish a unique identity in cyberspace.
  • It builds credibility on the Web.
  • Registering your domain name improves your promotion chances and therefore your site’s “visibility” on the Web.
  • It also produces a feeling of professionalism.


eBay (eCommerce)/ Shopify

Selling products online via eBay.

eBay Inc. is a multinational e-commerce corporation that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website.

Benefits of eBay and Shopify include;

  • Worldwide Marketplace: eBay serves customers globally.
  • Earning instant trust from customers.



Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

Benefits of Email marketing include;

  • Targeted and personalized content.
  • Builds credibility.
  • Better brand recognition.
  • Boost sales.
  • Stronger customer relationships.
  • Optimise your time and budget.
  • Metrics to learn what works and know what doesn’t.
  • Increased traffic to your website.



Facebook marketing is the practice of promoting a brand and maintaining its presence on Facebook. Facebook marketing refers to both organic (free) postings/interactions, and paid, or “boosted” posts.

Facebook marketing helps you to;

  • Reach BILLIONS of potential customers.
  • Build a HUGE email list.
  • Lower your marketing expenses.
  • Target audiences by location, demographics, interests.
  • Gain insights into your audience.
  • Build brand loyalty.
  • Increase your website traffic.
  • Boost SEO.



A ghostwriter is hired to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author.

Some benefits of employing ghostwriters are; 

  • Ghostwriters Save You Time.
  • Ghostwriters Help Build Brand Awareness Quicker.
  • Ghostwriters Are Professional Writers.
  • Ghostwriters Know SEO.
  • Ghostwritten Content Is Authentic Content.




Are you creative with your hands? Art products have huge demands online. Consider packaging your homemade and hand made products to sell globally.

There are options for businesses to make handmade accessories that can boost your business to the next level in diverse ways.



Instagram marketing is a type of social media marketing in which marketers use the Instagram platform to promote their business.

Instagram provides a great marketing platform to reach potential customers from every corner of the world. Instagram can also help you grow and promote your brand and product in a friendly, authentic way without hard selling to your customers.

Instagram marketing helps businesses to;

  • Target (and Retarget) your audience easily.
  • Use All the Visual Marketing Features on Instagram.
  • Engage with Customers Where They Spend Their Time.
  • Build Up User-Generated Content.


Rupa Shende perfectly described a journal with these acronym:

J: Jotting down to clear mind. By keeping a journal, I found a place to clear my mind.

O: Organizing thoughts into categories to prioritize.

U: Understanding the best next step.

R: Reviewing actions periodically.

N: Noting down ideas.

A: Allows creative me-time.

L: Letting go of stress.



  • Record conversations or events in greater detail than your memory
  • Track your progress against key performance indicators
  • Increase productivity by being mindful of how your day-to-day is spent
  • Become more self-disciplined
  • Improve your communication skills



Amazon kindle has made many self-publishing authors a million, you too can take a portion of that pie.

Kindle is a line of Android-powered portable e-book reader devices developed by Amazon that enables users to shop for, download, and read electronic versions of books, newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, and more.


  • Books are usually cheaper.
  • Access to thousands of eBooks without any wait!
  • Kindle has a large collection of FREE eBooks.
  • Small, convenient, and easily portable.



LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. It is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs.


Benefits of LinkedIn  

It helps you manage your professional identity.

It builds and engages with your professional network.

Allows access to knowledge, insights, and opportunities.



There’s almost an open for almost any service you can think of in the App stores. Mobile apps have come to stay and making life easier. You can make money off apps, think about a service that has no app yet.

Mobile apps offer a variety of advantages for businesses trying to grow their customer base and increase engagement.


The Benefits of Creating A Mobile App for Your Business

  • Build & Cultivate Customer Loyalty. Apps tend to be more accessible and interactive than a traditional website. …
  • Enhance Your Accessibility. Mobile apps are easily accessible by users. …
  • Make Your Brand More Human. …
  • Helps to Build a Database of Prospects or Clients.



Network marketing is a business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. A network marketing network compensates participants primarily for recruiting others rather than for selling the company’s products or services.


  • Low Start-Up Costs –

The initial investment you need to make on the network marketing business is comparatively lesser.

  • Ready-To-Start Business –

The research and strategies are already taken care of by your sponsor. You just have to begin.

  • Steady Income –

The members in the network are also paid for the work done by their downline members. So by increasing the number of active distributors in your downline, your income will increase.



Most online buyers and retailors rely on delivery, consider starting a delivery service today and you will never regret it. People want products delivered to them at their comfort of their homes. You can provide such a courier service.


PHOTOGRAPHY (sell original stock photos (Bahance)

This is an opportunity for creatives of just about every field and discipline. It’s a place to connect, inspire, and get hired—a portfolio site that’s so much more. You can network with your creative peers, get artistic feedback, message other creatives, and even find your next job.


Benefits of selling original stock photos. 

  • It exposes you and your business to a large audience.
  • The Internet is becoming more and more centralized around several services and social networks, while it is still important to have a standalone portfolio, it is a lot harder for users to find it organically.



Quora is a social media startup. This rapidly growing crowdsourced Q&A (question and answer) platform is reliant on a strong community that provides questions, responses, and up and down votes to create, edit, and organize the growing platform.


Benefits of Quora includes;

  • Inbound Marketing. Be an expert in your field and answer questions posted by users where you feel you can add value.
  • Business Trends & Competition Analysis.
  • Content research.



Referral marketing is a marketing tactic that makes use of recommendations and word of mouth to grow a business’s customer base through the networks of its existing customers.


Benefits of referral marketing;

Referral marketing allows you to track and target your most loyal customers for rewards and provide a more personalized interaction experience.

Increase brand awareness and reputation: Referral marketing can help customers get to know your brand story and improve your overall reputation.



Short Messaging Services, popularly referred to as SMS is a means of sharing information using the phone.

SMS Marketing is a marketing technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages. It’s one of the effective ways of broadcasting content.

These messages are mostly meant to communicate time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts to people who have consented to receive these messages from your business.


Benefits of SMS Marketing 

  • High open rates. SMS has the highest open rates when compared to phone calls or email marketing.
  • Affordability, cheaper than many other marketing methods
  • Personalize, it feels more personal and direct.
  • Engagement, it increases customer interactions


Translators assist cross-cultural communication among businesses by converting written or verbal language into the target language. Thus, translators play a vital role in global business. As businesses are going global, business translation service becomes vital for any company aiming to expand their operations overseas.



  • Incorporating professional business translation services can help you boost credibility.
  • Opting for professional business translation can help you tap the untapped market.
  • Strong Online Presence: By translating your online profile into one or more languages, you will benefit from high online visibility.


Upwork is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. Upwork is a great place to find more clients, and to run and grow your own business.

Upwork helps your business to find high paying, long term clients.


You can sell your expertise if you package them into a course. Record some tutorials and get them on Udemy, yes!

Udemy is one of the World’s largest and cost-effective Online Learning platform. It is a platform or marketplace where you can get access to a plethora of courses for online learning.



A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office. A virtual assistant typically operates from a home office but can access the necessary planning documents, such as shared calendars, remotely.


Benefits include

  • Reduced labor costs.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Improved work quality.



Get your hands on website designing and you will be on your way to make a decent amount of money. Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization.


Go the extra mile in a you do. Exceed expectations, try out new



YouTube is a free video-sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. It allows you to create and upload your videos to share with others.


Benefits of YouTube;

YouTube can be a useful marketing channel for businesses. Your business could use YouTube to launch or promote products, express your brand’s ‘personality’, monitor feedback, provide customer service, and help your customers spread the word about your business.


ZOOM (coaching and consulting)


Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio communication. Their easy, reliable cloud platform for video, voice, content sharing, and chat runs across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.


Benefits of Zoom 

Zoom helps businesses and organizations bring their teams together in a frictionless environment to get more done.


  • Connect via desktop clients, browsers, conference rooms & mobile devices.
  • Collaborative working
  • Training
  • Client presentations
  • Sales meetings
  • Board meetings

Lastly, remember this:

Note that all these information are freely available online if you only earn how to utilize them effectively, so now go back, delve deeper and take action!


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