Menaye Donkor advocates for Menstrual Hygiene … produces Sincerely sanitary pads


Menaye Donkor, a Canadian-born Ghanaian business woman, entrepreneur and philanthropist, has thrown her weight behind Menstrual Hygiene education in Ghana by producing high-quality affordable sanitary pads, Sincerely by Menaye.

According to her, her passion for quality healthcare and hygiene for women encouraged her to venture into the production of the Sincerely by Menaye sanitary pads to promote these products for women.

“During our market research and from the several focus groups we conducted I realized that many women lacked the basic menstrual hygiene education and there were still several taboos associated with menstruation in our culture that affects the well being of women. This was when I decided to create a brand that would not only provide quality products but also educate our men and women on menstruation.”

She said that Sincerely by Menaye come with soft and dry cottony surface that help a longer stay for dryness and has strong absorption layers which help to trap fluid fast.

The former Beauty Queen revealed that Sincerely by Menaye contain breathable materials which help eliminate moisture and keeps women clean. She said the super thin and flexible material which adapts to the curve of your body has strong adhesive wings to help secure the pad in place.


Touching on what makes Sincerely by Menaye sanitary pads stand out from the others, Ms. Donkor said: “Sincerely is a brand that is built around a lifestyle of confidence and freedom derived from a solid education on menstruation, feminine health and hygiene designed to fulfill a need in society. We aim to provide quality feminine products at affordable prices for all. Even though our pads are super absorbent and can last throughout the day without any leakages, it is advisable to change your sanitary pads every four hours to avoid any discomfort.”

The product, which sells at a regular unit price of GH¢5 and GH¢5.50 come in two variants; the Regular which is 245mm with ten pieces of pads and the Extra-long which come in 290mm with eight pieces of pads. The Wider pad comes in a bigger size for maximum coverage away from the edges and all the pads do not contain any form of bleaching agents or harmful chemicals.

Ms. Donkor revealed that her company is working on promotional packages that will soon be announced on all social media handles of the company thus, admonished everyone to follow their social media pages @sincerely_ghana. Sincerely Sanitary Pads are currently accessible in almost all pharmacies across Accra.

Speaking on the vision of the company, the wife of the Ghanaian professional football player, Sulley Muntari, said: “Our vision is to become a voice of authority on the continent, and ultimately in the world on the still rather taboo subject “Menstruation”. By our combined sustainable CSR efforts, which is to ensure that every woman has access to sanitary pads and multi-platform educational marketing, we envision a knowledgeable and empowered generation of men and women who can raise their children with better knowledge and confidence in menstrual health.”

She joined the calls to scrap the 20% tax imposed on sanitary items saying “I agree that sanitary pads should be affordable and accessible for all women because menstruation is part of our lives and a natural occurrence and this is why in addition to producing quality yet affordable products, our goal is to ensure that every woman has access to sanitary pads through our CSR efforts in Ghana.”

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