Poetry Corner with Kwesi Bissue … Home alright


Life was full of life
…for Paapa  Asankoma and Maame Essoun
Their seven children ranged from old to young
Maame was a good housekeeper
…Obaapa in an ideal home
Their eldest daughter was a good helping hand
Maame was happy to have her around

Maame Essoun was a good cook
Her aroma did not come from any book
Her fingers affiliated with culinary matters
Neighbours knew it often
…when she entered and exited her kitchen
Neighbours knew it often
…when to hover around to smell and salivate
Her eldest daughter was a good helping hand
Maame was happy to have her around

Love lived at home
…between Paapa  and Maame
Love filled the hearts of the children
…for Paapa  and Maame
What a good home for neighbours to envy
No better home could they live
Eldest daughter was a good helping hand
All were happy to have her around

None knew what lust lurked under Paapa’s loins
Till Maame suffered at the hands of death…cruel death
Maame left behind six minors and a grown daughter
Maame’s death left a scar in the hearts of siblings
But Maame’s death lifted a bar off Paapa’s loins
Eldest daughter was a good helping hand
Paapa was happy to see her around

Paapa did not think far
He drove his car to eldest daughter
He knocked but he was not opened
He asked but he was not given
Then he warned to open before he was opened
Then he screamed to take before he was given
Eldest daughter had to undress under duress
To give Paapa a good helping hand

Curious neighbours needed to show caring concern
So they asked in turn;
“When will Paapa Asankomah take a wife encore?
When will Paapa Asankomah give his own a mother once more?
To wean a child’s care of feed and needs?”
Curious neighbours had to show persistent concern

Paapa’s patience was put to pain
So he addressed them in language plain
“Mind your home business in your home
Leave my home business to my home
See how joy is enjoying in my home
See how happiness is jumping in my home
See how contentment is satisfied in my home
Who needs a wife?
Who needs a mother?
There is no place like my home”

Eldest daughter harboured a bouncy baby
…in a shiny belly
…for nine months
Before pouring out a content of discontent
…a content of contention
…a content of crazy lust
…a content of scandalous expression

That’s Paapa’s child
But that’s not Maame’s child
No, that’s my child
No, that’s my little brother

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