Poetry corner with Kwesi Bissue … Rollings


It rolled out in a blast…an ominous saga
It rolled out in a burst of rebellious anger
Sounding just like righteous anger
The sky was its high to fly
No pest could limit its fly high

As it gathered a million moths to its flame
It took all by a whirling storm
And stormed all around…all about
Its spread took on increasing speed
Like a wild Aussie bushfire in full flight
It took all aboard the train from Babylon
And rolled all in a row…for the road beyond

It rolled on…in grand style
Enrolled all for a role
Took all aboard the train bound for Paradise
It groaned and moaned at crafty graft
And crafted ways to halt theft…from the people’s kitty
For a new normal of probity

It screamed and fumed at bootlickers
…at nation wreckers
…at reckless opportunists
It smoked them out; broke up their hold
It desired to seal leaking bottles
…designed to halt stifling bottlenecks
It gave exhaling vent to the people’s ire
Shifted many miles away from the mire
Even rolling some lives from life to quietus

They streamed onto the streets
Screamed its deeds and feats on the streets
Hallowed its name and fame on the streets
Revered the portrait of their hero
The only hero they needed…only hero they had
The only hero out of the blue skies…from on high

It rolled back in a burst…in a bubble
It slid down the lane from on high
To a lane down the glowing high
To side with a side rib from Adam
A side rib that pleaded to rise high
As high as a hero’s high
As high as a heroine
As high as the sky’s high

It swallowed back its putrid puke
Swam in the stinky old mire
Lost the revolutionary fire
Slid from the side of a best friend
To side with a worst enemy

It came down in a crushing crash
…in a damaging dash
…in a damming dash
…in a damned style
…in a darned style
An ominous saga!

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