Caveman Watches CEO honoured at Head of State Gold Awards


Ghanaian watchmaker, founder and CEO of internationally recognised watch brand ‘Caveman Watches’, Anthony Mensah Dzamefe, has been awarded as one of the 2022 Young Achievers and Innovators in Ghana at the Head of States Gold Awards.

According to the scheme’s organisers, Mr. Dzamefe is an inspiration to the current generation and was recognised for his resilience, tenacity and enterprising spirit in establishing Ghana’s first watchmaking brand.

He was one of the five exceptional young achievers in the Special Honours and Awards 2022 category. Others in the category included Audrey Esi Swatson, Roger ‘Trey’ Haun III and two others who were acknowledged in the Young Achievers & Innovators award category to have pushed the boundaries to solve societal problems and challenges through innovation and creativity.

On his Twitter page, the CEO expressed his appreciation for the new honour. He stated: “Proud to receive the prestigious presidential head of state awards – young achievers and innovators honours – yesterday at the state house”.

The award event was held in the presence of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, who indicated that for young people to be in a position to drive the country to where it ought to be, they must be equipped, trained, supported and put on a level playing field.

President Akufo-Addo made the assertion at the Head of State Gold Award ceremony at Jubilee House on Monday, where some young Ghanaians were honoured with the Head of State Gold Award.

He expressed the country’s need to create avenues that enable young people to explore, innovate and use creative ways to solve societal problems.

He expressed interest in the Awards Scheme’s global youth mobilisation and digital award projects, which enable social entrepreneurship to address social problems in the country.

The president urged youths to explore, dream and discover their enormous talents for the development of societies and the nations at large.

President Akufo-Addo praised the remarkable innovation, achievements and impact of young people’s lives who have brought honour to the country in recent years.

The award scheme is meant to equip and transform the lives of young people to be successful in life, by giving them a platform to discover and develop themselves through volunteerism, skills development, adventurous journeys and physical and recreational activities.

About Anthony Mensah Dzamefe

In 2018, he established the classic African wristwatch brand with inspiration from the durability, originality and beauty of nature incorporated into the handcrafted watches of the Caveman.

Several months in, the demand has been large both locally and internationally. Anthony Mensah Dzamefe’s philosophy is “Know yourself, embrace who you are, and accept the fact that the world owes you nothing. That’s how you can brave the odds and make your dreams come true”.

This luxury watch brand, aside from developing bespoke and quality watches, has a unique and intricate design that makes it a must-have for most individuals – particularly the affluent. Caveman watches were featured in the New York Times and other prominent publications. The brand has a goal of creating watches that are timeless and memorable, hence the slogan ‘Be Remembered’.

He was named the overall Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 and Emerging Brand of the Year by the Young Achievers Summit 2019.

Caveman has solidified its spot as Ghana’s first watchmaking brand and as a dominant player in this new African industry of horology created by Mr. Anthony Dzamefe.

The Caveman brand takes pride not only in its wide range of authentic products but also in its intentional activities (such as creating jobs and providing potable water in deprived areas), which have led to the betterment of our local communities.

The Exclusive Men of the Year Awards are recognised nationally as a prestigious awards ceremony for men. Across Africa, EMY Africa celebrates distinguished men every year on or around Father’s Day. Since 2016, EMY Africa has celebrated the best in men’s achievements across local industry, community, culture and public service. Dozens of men from all ages and walks of life have been honoured for their abilities, initiatives and contributions to society.

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