With Apex10 organic fertiliser booster, farmers get 3× times yield while reducing fertiliser use by 50%


Farmers in the country and beyond should heave a big sigh of relief, for a savior is here to boost their harvests without having to rely on industrially generated fertiliser made up of chemicals that are actually harmful to the earth and the final end product.

Apex10, a new organic fertiliser booster, according King Ohene Obeng Asomaning, CEO of King Global Ventures (KGV) – sole distributor of the fertilizer booster in West and North Africa, the Caribbean and South America – farmers struggling to secure government’s subsidised fertilizer should look at a better alternative, one that actually helps the earth and guarantees bumper harvests.

Tested and approved by the Plant Protection Services Department of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), Apex10 is gaining traction among farmers in all regions of the country and even beyond.

Made from peat extract, the product is used as an additive to fertiliser through a liquid formulation and applied by a spraying device, and helps to increase yields of crops varying from vegetables and tree crops to greening grasses. It has, according to Mr. Asomaning, been proven to enhance soil quality, improve fertiliser efficiency, reduce water need, and build healthier, stronger crops and plants.

“The low-cost natural liquid additive presents agriculture and horticulture professionals with a powerful organic tool for their maintenance, installation and growing operations. This product cuts the use of regular fertilisers by 50 percent and gives the crop enough nutrients for proper germination, which assures a 3-fold increased yield,” he told the B&FT in an interview.

According to him, “Apex 10 is the new name for modernising agriculture in Ghana, Africa and the world. The product is made from peat (10,000 years decomposed vegetation) and contains the following qualities: improves stress and draught tolerance, maximises soil nutrients, increases transplant survivability, and enhances fertiliser and irrigation efficiency. The product also improves crop productivity, and prevents many diseases affecting vegetables and tree crops.

“Using Apex 10 organic fertiliser booster guarantees three times normal yield of any crop. This product leaves absolutely no harmful chemical residue on the produce. It is easy to use and extremely environmentally friendly. We have tried in on football pitches in Tema and Brekum and some farms, and it has given us tremendous results.

“This is the time to attract the youth, and with the use of this product they will experience firsthand the profit that comes with farming,” Mr. Asomaning said.

He added that “There’s no doubt that climate change is negatively affecting agriculture and food supply. Using Apex10 can help reverse harsh soil conditions. This product ensures sustainable agriculture farming practices, which is key to maintaining the health of soil.”

He said the use of Apex 10 also prevents crops and plants from being consumed by weeds. “Weedicides come into play a lot of times when crops are chasing for food. When you use this product, the crops will not go anywhere looking for food. The roots of the crops will have enough nutrients and not go looking for nutrients elsewhere; a move that attracts the growing of weeds arounds a crop.”

Partnerships for growth

Mr. Asomaning noted that he has developed partnerships with various state agencies, farms, farmers’ organisations and other players in the agriculture and environmental preservation value chain all across the country.

“We have a new partnership with Agrihouse Foundation to promote the ‘One Household, One Garden’ project with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA). We are also working with the Urban Farmers’ Association of the Tema Accra motorway and all over Accra and Tema to improve their farming, and include organic farming to increase food production in a healthy way via sustainable farming,” he said.

He added that the company is using Apex10 to support sustainable living by helping farmers in vegetables farming at Ellembele of the Western Region to increase food supply in the new Food Bank built by the Member of Parliament for the area, Kofi Amoah Buah.

In Sunyani, Mr. Asomaning noted that King Global Ventures (KGV) is working with cocoa, cashew and moringa farmers with the assistance and leadership of Kwasi Ameyaw-Cheremeh, MP for Sunyani East Constituency in the Brong Ahafo Region.

In the Central Region, KGV is working with opinion leaders and agric influencers to help corn and cocoa farmers. “We are also working with Ken Agyapong and all the Agronomists in his constituencies to help vegetable, plantain and cocoa farmers.”

As the collaborations with agric actors continue to grow, Apex10 will soon become a household name, he said. “We are currently all over Ghana working with hundreds of MoFA and Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG) agents, as well as Municipal Chief Executives (MCEs), Agronomists and even traditional rulers all over Ghana to promote Apex10 and make it very accessible and affordable to all these farmers.”

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