Obiba comes with another surprise


While almost all attention is focused on the Covid-19 pandemic running riot over the face of the earth, hilife musician, Obiba Collins has spent the ‘quiet time’ imposed on the nation by the authorities wisely by entering the studio to put this musical work together. Accompanied by the likes of internationally recognized flutist Dela Botri, and emerging highlife empress Mawunya in a song titled One day this single to all intents and purposes will be the talk of the town in the days to come when the music is officially released.

Speaking exclusively to this journalist, he said the song has been inspired by the sign of the times – the desperation and uneasiness that has affected all countries making life uncertain for all which made him give it that title.

The song, a pure classic highlife which should be in every music collector’s library has the usual all familiar highlife pattern but with a difference. Dela’s flute solo weaving a clearly defined melodious soul stirring path on the heavy dose of African percussion was rendered in English, Ewe, Ga and Akan thereby making the music accessible to all.

Answering a question on his love of Ewe musicians, the veteran musician said this question has come up so many times and he has an answer for it. ‘We are Ghanaians and Africans and so long as these people are musicians and fully understand the music I am playing and flow along with me, then they are my people. But most seriously, my roots lie there and iron can only sharpen iron, that’s why I always sing about brotherly love.

Seriously speaking, Obiba has featured many non-Akan speaking musicians notably, Agbeshie, Kamelyon and now Mawunya and Dela, Sherifat Gunu including female Nigerian acts among others on some of his tracks in earlier albums.

Judging by what we have been privileged to listen to in the studio, this track will be one of Obiba’s most audacious productions and this track which will further cement his name on Ghana’s list of highlife musicians. Watch out for the review when the music is released in the coming days.

The music is being released on Universal Entertainment label.

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