Trading tomorrow’s security for today’s pleasure – the 21st century Esau


Life they say is a collection of moments; every moment is also characterized with if not a chunk, at least, quite a number of decisions. Every decision has its own consequences. One cannot afford to live a single day without having to make a decision. It is said, “refusing to take a decision in itself is a decision.” Some of these decisions can be classified under three main categories namely; high, medium and low risk levels.

Trading tomorrow’s comfort for today’s pleasures cannot be said without having to mention Esau’s name. Esau, for one reason has become quite a famous bible figure and his unfortunate fame is known both among Christians and non-Christians alike. He despised his birth right; something he never thought was of any importance.

I believe that his situation must be well looked at again since it contains great investment wisdom for our generation. I am convinced that every single character with their lifestyle, decisions and actions in the bible is quite important for us and probably it may be the reason why it was recorded. “Smart people realize their mistakes and take measures to repair them but wise people learn from the mistakes of others.”

We do not have any reason to be careless as a generation.

According to the biblical story as recorded in Genesis 25:30-34, Esau had come back from his game (work) and was famished; he found a pot of soup prepared by his younger twin brother (Jacob) and requested for a portion of it. Interestingly, his younger brother made an offer and asked Esau to give him (Jacob) his birthright as the first child to which Esau in all spitefulness agreed. It was not just with sheer spitefulness but with great ignorance.

He said “…look, I am about to die; so what is this birthright to me?” It was a bingo for Jacob and he instantaneously knew that his brother (Esau) despised the birthright. Jacob asked Esau to swear to him that he had as at that moment relinquished his birthright as the first child to him and Esau did with gladness forgetting tomorrow.

Esau did not realize that the birthright was the only investment that held the security of his future fortunes. He thought he could despise the value of investment and still be successful in the future. No wonder it has been recorded in that same bible that he sought for the birthright later on and yet little did he know that he had traded his future for a morsel of meat; satisfying his pleasure at the expense of his future success.

I have observed with keen interest how many Christians and other people who are familiar with the story lambasts Esau with utmost condemnation. We seem to think of ourselves as knowing better and probably doing better. Unfortunately, my observation has proven otherwise. I have actually come to the realization that most people in this generation are either equal or worse off than Esau.

Many of today’s people, like Esau are trading tomorrow’s comfort and security for today’s pleasures. People hardly think of investments and those who do hate to hear the word ‘investment’.  I have heard many people say with so much confidence; ‘I do not have enough and you expect me to throw away money…’ Yes! People presume that investment is actually throwing money away. How unfortunate! It is the greatest sign of how people have no appreciation for tomorrow’s security and comfort.

No one is too poor or rich to make an investment for tomorrow. If you are waiting to have enough before you invest, remember that you will never realize it. It is interesting how people who claim to be poor are rather spending a lot of monies on frivolous investments like mobile phones, using more than one sim card and feeding them with data and airtime.

Some ladies are using cosmetics that costs as much as a monthly salary, spending almost two-thirds of their income extravagantly on weaves, facials, footwear, trending fashion and jewellery that could have been enough to start an investment. Others are driving cars they have no need for, renting apartments that are sucking almost two-thirds of their income just to make a point to society.

Exactly the same attitude portrayed by Esau concerning the future. People are in the business of showing off unnecessarily when society has no recognition whatsoever for such frivolity.

Poverty has no age limit neither does it have any expiry date. Many people like Esau, have had money before. They have tasted good life and good living but today they are penny wise. They traded their future for a ‘morsel of meat’.

To be able to overcome poverty is to be a forward-thinker like Jacob. Be willing to love yourself by hating yourself. Denying yourself of many gratifications today to preserve tomorrow. If you love yourself too much, there is almost a ninety percent (90%) chance that you will be poor. Ability to rise through life and achieve your desired comfort in life would demand that you deny yourself the pleasures of life (sacrifice) at one point to secure your future.

No one knows exactly when he or she is going to die but one thing that is certain is that you will definitely grow old. It is a great deception to think that you are going to remain strong forever. It is also a great deception to think and believe that you are going to have a constant flow of income at all times if you fail to appropriate your finances today.

Life is not a competition but a race. Your ability to complete your own race depends on how well you are prepared (financially)now. The fact that you have enough strength now does not warrant the excessive use of it. Competing over lavishness just to prove a point on social media cannot secure your future. It is a dangerous thing to follow Esau’s life pattern. Time lost is never gained. Tomorrow might be too late for you. If you want to wait till tomorrow, Jacob might have already left with your blessings and taking it back would be impossible. ”Think tomorrow today”. Good Investment is a painful conscious exercise but the reward is mouth-watering and soul-soothing. Don’t trade your future for today’s pleasures.

Adeline Quarshie is the Managing Director of Credence Micro Credit

>>>The writer is the Managing Director of Credence Micro Credit. She can reached on [email protected].


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