Absa Bank deploys 50 new iATMs as it increases withdrawal limit to support customers during COVID-19


Absa Bank Ghana has deployed 50 new Intelligent Automated Teller Machines (iATMs) to enhance its ATM services and provide convenient banking services to its customers.

In addition, the bank has increased the ATM daily cash withdrawal limit in excess of GH¢9,000 to support customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The installation of 50 new iATMs was to replace the existing machines with upgraded ones with the latest technology and enhance service offerings, and has been completed. In total, 110 of the bank’s over-160 ATMs have been replaced since 2019. These new ATMS are equipped with modern technologies such as NFC (Near Field Communication), which allows for contactless withdrawals.

All Absa ATMs currently provide a wide range of banking services, including cash deposits. Apart from this, customers can also make cardless transactions, money transfers and many other banking services at an Absa ATM.

To further support customers, the ATM daily cash withdrawal limit for Personal Banking customers has been increased to GH¢5,000 and that of Prestige and Premier Banking customers is now in excess of GH¢9,000.

According to Absa Bank, “This is to support and encourage customers to easily access banking services through the bank’s digital channels and reduce customers travel distance as well as movements while we try to observe social distancing and minimise contact with others.

“The deployments of the new ATMs and increase in cash withdrawal limit is to ensure our customers get easy access to cash and many other banking services at the ATM, especially during this period,” noted Charles Addo, Retail Banking Director at Absa Bank Ghana.

“We have also provided sanitisers at our ATMs to help customers keep safe. The well-being and convenience of our customers is very important to us, and that is why we continue to create a safe and convenient banking environment to support them.”

As a demonstration of Absa Bank Ghana’s commitment to help fight COVID-19, the bank has activated its financial relief package to cushion its customers in the midst of present economic challenges.

Earlier, the bank waived charges on interbank instant transfers on its digital channels and also made mobile money transfers of up to GH¢100 daily free.  Absa Bank has also offered an up to six-month repayment moratorium, and reduced its lending rate by 2 percent for qualifying customers in industries impacted by COVID-19.

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