GSA hopes local innovations can quicken economic revival … certifies first locally-made automatic disinfection device


The Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) is confident that local innovations can help slow down spread of novel coronavirus in the country. This follows certification of the first-ever locally made automatic disinfection device.

The device, manufactured by ATCL Construction and Engineering – a Tema-based firm, uses alcohol-based disinfectants recommended by the World Health Organisation to disinfect persons when they walk through it.

Speaking at an event in Accra to hand over the licence to the company, Director General of the GSA, Prof. Alexander Dodoo, was upbeat that the device which was subjected to three stages of test – electrical, safety and alcohol or disinfection – will aid efforts at fighting the coronavirus pandemic, as well as speed-up revival of the economy.

“This is the first of its kind in Ghana. What it does is to give us a tool that allows us to open up the country faster than otherwise, because it is suitable for use by hotels, schools, airports, churches and other commercial and public places.

“It ensures that in addition to the handwashing and other health protocols, any surface that the body or clothes come into contact will be disinfected,” he said.

The device comes with a sensor and liquid sanitising tank, and the moment a person walks close to device it automatically sprays the alcohol over their whole body.

“Necessity is the mother of innovation, and we are glad that a Ghanaian has been able to build this device to international standards,” said Clifford Frimpong, Director, Physical Science Directorate, GSA.

“I wish to thank the Ghana Standards Authority for their full support,” Elie Abou Jaoude, ATCL Construction and Engineering’s Managing Director said, adding that the certification will enable his outfit to satisfy the numerous orders it has received.

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