Single Window: Customs World Dubai schools stakeholders


A high-level delegation from Ghana has paid a working visit to Customs World Dubai, the company which recently took over West Blue Consulting and mandated to undertake the Single Window project in Ghana.

The visit forms part of efforts to transform Ghana’s ports and make it number one in Africa.

Members of the delegation were selected from the various stakeholders operating at the ports which include: GRA–Customs Division; Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA); Shipping Lines; West Blue Consulting and representative from the Office of the Vice-President.

The team from Ghana met with the management team of the Customs World and were briefed on how Dubai Customs has successfully become a world leader in the field of Trade Facilitation.

Some of the areas they discussed included the scope of custom integration with manifest system, understanding current custom integration, access limitations and solutions to overcome, role/fields in proposed integration mechanism and use cases.

There was also the conclusion on proposed design, format and implementation strategy.

They also had first-hand information about proposed manifest system with standardized format, challenges, core modules for early delivery, essential add-ons for early delivery, new manifest system, future dependencies, additional add-ons and future roadmap.

Ghana Praises Dubai’s system

The team from Ghana thanked Customs World, Dubai for giving them the opportunity to examine their systems and how it operates in Dubai.

They were happy about the total automation of the Jebel Ali Port; the state-of-the art Call Center and general operations of Customs World at Dubai Ports.

They urged Customs World to expedite action to deploy their robust system in Ghana to enhance trade and boost government’s revenue.

The management team at Customs World, a subsidiary of Ports Customs and Free Zones Corporation (PCFC) of Dubai, reiterated its commitment in transforming Ghana’s port to number one in Africa.

According to the company preparations are far advanced to replicate the Dubai model in Ghana which will, in the future, reduce transaction time at the port and plug leakages thereby increase government’s revenue.

Paperless Port

It is government’s vision to make Ghana’s port one of the best in the world and has therefore initated a policy called the paperless port aimed at integrating all the systems to reduce the cost and time of doing business at the ports.


Customs World, Dubai

Customs World recently signed an agreement to take over West Blue Ghana Limited, the company engaged for the provision of the National Single Window and Risk Management System in Ghana.

This agreement formalises the establishment of “Ports & Customs World Ghana Limited.”

As part of the agreement, Customs World International is committed to investing significant resources including capital, world-class technologies and human expertise in Ghana as they have done in Dubai and other countries.


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