Meet Millicent Aba Tetteh, the Market Woman in Suit!


It’s easy to find young, enterprising women lately. However, what is hard to find is a graduate who dabbles in a trade perceived to be for the low class. Her name is Millicent Aba Tetteh and she’s the brain behind Foodstuffhome!

When the Scribe News team caught up with the GIJ graduate, she was supervising her delivery man to deliver some foodstuff to some clients.

Foodstuffhome runs on the wheels of a simple concept. They deliver fresh foodstuff to busy clients who would want to save some time going to the market. They also do delivery to Hotels and restaurants. All one needs to do is to call their hotline or place the order through their social media (Facebook, Istagram and Twitter) messenger and their foodstuff will be ready in a jiffy at office or home. 

“We are targeting corporate people and busy people  who can’t afford the luxury of going to the market daily or weekly,” the actress and entrepreneur hinted. “Our rates are affordable and our mission as a company is to take the stress off shoppers.”

 ” So when you are thinking of buying tubers, plantains, meats, mushrooms, snails, fresh and dried fishes, fruits and vegetables or any other foodstuffs you can think of, just contact us and you will get it fresh.” The TV host stressed further.

Foodstuffhome has served hundreds of clients for the past few months and the reviews have been awesome. If you want avoid the hustle and bustle of Agbogbloshie or Makala, let Foodstuffhome handle it for you because they have made shopping so easy.

 Foodstuffhome provided the foostuffs for Adom TV’s Fufuo party and Kyinkyinga party recently.

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