COVID-19 is still with us


Health authorities in the Ashanti Region have advised the public to continue observing the announced COVID-19 protocols, until such a time that the country is declared to be ‘COVID-free’.

According to the Medical Superintendent of South Suntreso Government Hospital, Dr. Agyarko Poku, despite handshaking being a part of the culture of Ghanaians, every effort should be made to avoid it – especially at public gatherings.

Also, he said, wearing facemasks should be made part of the daily routine activities no matter how uncomfortable some people may perceive it to be, in addition to regular handwashing.

This is because health facilities across the country continue to record some numbers of COVID-19 infection, which demonstrates that the disease is still widespread.

Dr. Agyarko Poku, who was speaking in an interview after the South Suntreso Government Hospital received some PPE from Ash Cell, explained that the incidence of COVID-19 has reinforced disease and infection prevention.

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, available data showed that upper respiratory tract infection was the number-one common disease; however, it has now reduced drastically.

In addition to this, COVID-19 has also reinforced the need for frontline health workers to constantly be wearing, for instance, nose masks and others at work – which in the past could not be done due to ethical issues or how uncomfortable some patients might feel.

It is against this background that he commended the decision by one of the major distributors of MTN Ghana, Ash Cell, to donate some consumables to selected hospitals in the region.

“These consumables will reduce the amount of money we spend on purchasing them from the market,” he said.

The Corporate Service Executive of Ash Cell, Mr. Jerry Otchi, observed that the company – being informed by the fact that the pandemic is still not over, took a decision to support hospitals within the region at the back of activities to mark its 10th anniversary celebrations.

“We need to take COVID-19 protocols seriously; we can fight the disease together when we do this, but when we get tired and throw caution to the winds, the number of infections could rise again. This is why we are supporting the hospitals, especially, to be able to also play their part.”

Mr. Otchi said businesses have been badly impacted by COVID-19, leading to the collapse of some companies as well as some employees being laid-off. In view of this, he said, while the disease still exists it is important to make an effort to ensure that the situation does not deteriorate to the extent where business could be further affected.

The Administrator of KNUST Hospital, Mr. Baah Boateng, also said: “Since the beginning of COVID-19 we have been spending a lot on consumables, so any gesture in the form of consumables is received with great appreciation”.

He said the quantities donated will help the hospital a lot, adding: “Within the period that we will be using these consumables, we will be able to save money to buy other consumables”.

Fighting COVID-19 is a collective responsibility, and therefore everyone must play a part; especially by not relaxing on the protocols, because available data still suggest that Kumasi has new cases, he said.

In all, about four health facilities in the Ashanti Region – including South Suntreso Government Hospital and KNUST Hospital – benefitted from the donation by Ash Cell Limited.

As part of activities marking the company’s 10th anniversary celebration, it also undertook a brand enhancement exercise with the unveiling of a new company logo.

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